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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. PCWar
    You should try the stack from Cypher Labs, Solo db and Duet amp. The Duet as well as being one of the most underrated amps here that I find it excellent among the best it has the deadest background I've ever listened to. So little praise these days for one of the best companies of the portable scene.
  2. LFC_SL
    I do not think the duet is underrated, merely that site discussion reflects the resurgence of daps
  3. PCWar
    Probably that's the case. Maybe I'm inclined to think that users have my listening habits between home and office where a transportable rig may be better than a one piece DAP sq wise.
  4. Law87
    interesting, was yours tune down in power? I know some users done that to get rid of the noise.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Or, not all ears are alike.

    I know my wife hears hiss more easily than I do.
  6. Eugguy

    Most wives hear more hiss, is not this true? 
  7. raelamb

    In my own experience, most wives create hiss.
  8. Eugguy
    Mine comes hiss free. I am lucky. But I hear that sometimes you can hear hissing...even at lower volumes.
  9. singleended58

    Most wifes cause our hearing block hisses I guess
  10. SmokenMirrors
    Bought the Theorem four months ago over the Hugo after spending a few hours with each. Both were excellent but liked the Theorem detail slightly better with my jazz/classical lossless grade music collection. Great pairing with my B&O H6s, slightly less so with my various middle of the road IEMs.

    I travel a lot by plane and the 18 hour charge and ability to charge my phone in a pinch are the cherry on the Sunday.
  11. BA_D_R
    I own both 720 and Mojo, I didn't do A to B, but the winner is Mojo it doesn't have any hiss/ground noise and better in every way.
  12. SmokenMirrors
    Huh.  That makes me jealous, wish I could have afforded to keep both!!!
    If the Mojo had the ability to charge I-Devices and a balanced output like the Theorem I might have gone the other way.  As it was, the extra features and the slightly better sound to my ears made the Theorem worth the extra $$$s over the Mojo...
  13. Eugguy

    I agree.
  14. singleended58
    I have both since I bought Theorem long before Mojo released and am listening every day with both.
    The advantage of Theorem is charging idevices while connecting to them and I like the SQ of iPhone 6+ with Theorem more than iPhone 6+ with Mojo via CCK. However, iDevices with Theorem can not beat the SQ of AK100 mk2+ Mojo IMO (mostly listening with IE800 and HD600).
  15. lukeap69
    They have different sound signature for me so I am keeping both. I still think the Theorem is more natural sounding and the notes are weighty. I have adjusted with the signature of Mojo after months of using it but I still feel the notes are fat but light. Too smooth? IDK. I use the Mojo everyday due to size but Theorem is also getting its fair share too.
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