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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. DrSheep
    Ok, someone going to start this, and it might just as well be me this time.  Since information for the CLT720 is somewhat limited from CL's own site, I am going to borrow them from TTVJ.  Here it goes:
    Source: TTVJ
    MSRP: $899
    The Cypher Labs Theorem 720 is an all in one amp/DAC for Apple devices, computers and some Android devices. It has balanced output and amazing battery life.

    Theorem 720 DAC Features/Specs:
    • AKM 24/192 DAC (AKM4396)
    • Works with Apple devices, Mac/PC, some Android devices - automatic device detection
    • Charge time under 4 hours (purple when charged)
    • Play time up to 18 hours, when beginning with fully charged iPod/iPhone (does not charge Android)
    • Charges iPod/iPhone while playing
    • Can play continuously when attached to the power supply
    • Single ended and balanced headphone amplifier (volume controlled)
    • Single ended line level output (not volume controlled)
    • Three gain levels (IEM's, standard phones, planar phones(
    • On/Off volume knob - custom made
    • Works with all Apple devices from 2007 onward
    • Color: black only
    • Enclosure markings 100% laser etched, no silkscreen
    • Compact size matches many Apple devices
    • To be included in Theorem package is a short cable for Android (micro USB to mini B USB)
    • Please use the newest PC driver version 1.61. Uninstall version 1.60, then re-install new driver from Cypher Labs website product page
    • Technical Specs:
    3.5mm (1/8”) analog stereo out to amplifier (line level)
    3.5mm (1/8”) analog stereo out to headphones
    Mini-4 pin balanced stereo out (to balanced headphones)
    Sample Depth 16 bit from Apple Devices; up to 24 bit from computers
    Frequencies supported on Apple Devices: 44.1 / 48.0 @ 16 bit
    Frequencies supported on computers:
    44.1 / 48.0 / 96.0 / 88.1 / 176.4 / 192.0 @ 16 and 24 bit
    Li-polymer battery 8700mAh - AC switching is totally isolated
    Dimensions 120mm (136 incl volume knob) x 29mm x 64mm
    Weight: 10 oz or .3 kg
    • The headphone outs have as close to 0 ohm impedance as possible (less than 1ohm). The headphone output levels themselves depend upon the gain settings. With the volume pot set to 100%:
    High Gain
    Single Ended output = 11.3 dB
    Balanced Output = 5.5 dB
    Mid Gain
    Single Ended Output = 3.5 dB
    Balanced Output = -2.3 dB
    Low Gain
    Single Ended Output = -9 dB
    Balanced Output = -14.8 dB
    Jude's anouncement on Head-Fi TV from YouTube:

  2. georgelai57
    As the owner of the CLAS Solo-R, and with no intention of listening to music from a PC, Mac, or Android, I'd have been more excited they built a Solo variant with amp inbuilt. Call it a Duo?
  3. DrSheep
    I think it is rather easy to see their intention is to compete with CEntrance HiFi-M8.  However, does the CLT720's $200 price hike worth the cost for almost 4x the battery life but at a lower bit rate?  I am not so sure.  I do think that the CLT720 is sort of a Solo w/ AMP, but CL is really pricing the T720 our of reach of most CLAS owners.  It will be smart for CL if they can offer some kind of early bird special, like what VentureCraft has been doing with their SounDroid Typhoon and Go-DAP TT, or some kind of trade-in program for existing CLAS owners for a new T720.  My bottom line is that you will be trading off too many features for longer battery life by not getting the M8, and at this point, specially with it's current price, may not be worth it for most of us.
    VladGuardian likes this.
  4. Ultrainferno
    Mine's on its way!
  5. rmilewsk
    What does "some android devices" mean?
  6. DrSheep
    Not all Android works with OTG and some are locked.  For instance I can never get my Sony F807 to work with any DAC/AMP that supports Android, even with OTG cables and what not.
  7. rmilewsk
    I was very disappointed to hear that hiss is evident with IEMs when using the 720. I plan to use this with the JH Audio 13 pros. In my opinion there should be zero hiss with any headphones at this price point. 
  8. Currawong Contributor
    I've renamed this thread as it is a new product that only one person (as far as I know) owns. I think an impressions thread is getting ahead of ourselves a bit. [​IMG]
  9. Ultrainferno
    Mine arrived. Been listening to it but too early for impressions [​IMG]
  10. IceClass

    I must admit, I am quite seduced by the 720's looks and features but as an IEM user, I feel much the same way as you.
    It does seem a bit silly to give it three gain settings without having one that would allow a decent black background. I really want one but the hiss factor with IEMs is a deal breaker for me and it leaves me peeved.
    If they fix the hiss with IEMs, I'd buy one. If, additionally, they released it in silver, I'd run down there and throw cash at them.
  11. Hawaiiancerveza
    Since it has hiss, do the previous models also have that problem with CIEMs?
  12. LFC_SL
    The hiss is unconfirmed as it is not even out yet. Has only been in the hands of testers

    This is their first combined DAC and amp combo so do not understand your question
  13. Ultrainferno
    Indeed, it is the first dac/amp unit so that's a weird question. As I said as well, my theorem hisses with iems too.
  14. Hawaiiancerveza
    Why is it weird? Previous models such as the solo R and DB...
  15. Ultrainferno
    did not have an amp (out) so why in the world would a DAC hiss :wink:
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