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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. lukeap69
    I tried to sell my Theorem 720 (twice) because I found it to be unwieldy. So I was happy using Hidizs AP100 DAP. Then I tried my PM-2 balanced with the Theorem. Wow! Then the PM-3. Wow again. To make the long story short, it is now again my daily commute companion. Who cares if the smartphone-Theorem 720 combo is unwieldy. That SQ on the go is special!
  2. johandesp
    what's the best way to connect sennheiser hd 650 with theorem?which balanced(se input or balanced ?which cable?
  3. singleended58
    I prefer balanced cables. It is up to your taste. Few cables need breaking time longer like the Toxic Cables Silver Widow.
  4. Bopper29

    Which balanced cable did you get for PM-3? Thanks
  5. lukeap69

    John of Surf Cables made one for me.
  6. Bopper29
    Thanks, just checking out their website now.
  7. tunes
    Has anyone made a side-by-side comparison of the Chord Mojo DAC/Amp versus the Cypher labs Theorem 720. They both seem awesome.
  8. lukeap69
  9. singleended58
    It seems like the sound signature of Chord Mojo is the winner here by itself but T720 you can do bi-amping as I pair it with ALOmk3B.  
  10. tunes
    Not sure what you are referring to. Can you explain in more detail??!
  11. singleended58

    1) AK100mk2 > 2.2mm Sysconcept > Mojo >> IE800 : Best SQ
    2) iPhone 6+ >> T720 (stock cable) > 3.5 custom cable >> ALOmk3B >> IE800: second best
    3) iPhone 6+ > CCK+ stock >> Mojo >> IE800: third best (noise from CCK sometimes)
    I have tried to use Mojo as DAC and Liquid Carbon as amp but the combo did sound good at all to me.
  12. cyberslacker
    I purchased a preowned Theorem from a HeadFier on this forum and was blown away with the sound from something portable and that size.
    I was afraid of the HISS as described with IEMs but with the Westone W40 @ 29 ohms it is very slight and goes away when the music starts.
    It has all the detail but still FUN sounding even on poor recordings; also very easy on the ears,when you use a HI res recording you want for nothing, it is all there.
    It seems to use less processing power after you install the .exe vs other DACs that use just a driver.  I installed it on a old netbook that had a pop/click that would cycle every second or so with other USB dacs, that made it unlistenable , But with the Theorem and the install it is totally silent.
    Any question asked was promptly answered by Cyper Labs.
  13. omega1
    I choose theorem over the mojo

    Reason :
    - bass is better
    - separation is a lot better

    Mojo is better when you prefer to listen vocal more but I don't like the less separation and not having enough bass (listening cello sound). Also, it's too sharp for my ears
  14. singleended58

    Mojo does have black background whereas T720 has certain level of hiss. To me Mojo sounds cleaner than T720. Every note of each instrument can be heard.
    I addition when listening with hd600 on T720 I could not adjust the volume (it sounds like "plug and play" no need of volume). Whereas the adjusting volume with different colors on Mojo amazingly sounds superb.
  15. omega1
    Mojo does have black background whereas T720 has certain level of hiss -> agree
    Every note of each instrument can be heard -> not agree. I can hear every note of each instrument clearly with Theorem. Also the sounds separation Theorem is way lot better than Mojo
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