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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. omega1
    Theorem vs Mojo (based on my ears)

    - solid bass
    - better separation

    - Vocal and treble is improved but it has sibilance which my ears couldn't tolerate
    - Bass is weak

    Especially if you like strings instruments, I think Thorem sounds better because the strings instrument especially cello has deeper sound than Mojo
  2. lukeap69
    +1 with the bold texts.
  3. jeffu
    Hey all - quick question - I see the Theorem has a Balanced headphone out, I have the Audeze LCD-XC cans with a balanced cable that terminates in a 4 pin XLR round connection.  Where can I find a 4 pin XLR round to 4 pin XLR square adapter?  I've seen one pictured in this thread, but it never says where it was ordered.  I've done countless google searches and it seems to be a mythical connector.  Why so may different connectors - it's never the one you need :)
  4. BA_D_R
    I think this what you are looking for, tho i'm sure you can find other
  5. Elbosco
    What about an adapter for a HD800 aftermarket balanced cable terminating in a round XLR 4-pin? Would the Theorem Audeze pigtail work? Anyone tried this or going balanced with their HD800s on the 720? Results? Impressions?
  6. lukeap69
    I use this http://r.ebay.com/q8t6Z2
  7. TheDreamthinker
    Hey everyone,
    Currently building a portable rig from scratch. I currently mainly rely on IEMs 
    Many sources say that the CL 720 produces a lot of hiss and is therefore not very good for IEM centric use. How bad is it? How black is the backdrop?
    • I know there won't be a problem with the ER4s i currently use, but for future proofing and potential new purchases (UERM, SD2, ATH R70x, etc.), I am not sure how the hiss will affect the versatility of the rig.
    • How complicated is it to setup / does it perform (as a desktop setup)?

    The final rig would then probably look like this:
    iPod Classic 160GB -> CL 720 DAP (-> another AMP w/ lower noise floor (for IEMs) ->(currently) ER4s
    Although it would be very long lasting and future proof, it would be very expensive + very bulky (frequent flyer/on the go).
    Currently weighing it against the Mini M8 (lighter)or even the HP-P1 as a cheaper option.
    Do you guys have some experiences in this direction?
  8. SmokenMirrors
    Currently running the Theorem 720 in my desktop set up as a DAC only from a source MacBook to a Schiit Asgard 2 and am very pleased with the results.  I wanted something that could be used both as a portable and desktop component until I could afford a dedicated reference quality DAC.
    Set up was gravy with a cable from line out to the inputs on the Asgard 2.  I am waiting for a pair of MEE P1 IEMs to ship, and I am thinking that the higher than normal impedance for the P1s (50 ohms) will work great with the Theorem.
    Hope that helps.  It's an absolute must have when I travel; I use it all the time...
  9. SmokenMirrors
    ...and after 75 hours of burn in, the Mee Pinacle P1's with the Theorem is spectacular.  With the P1's high impedance, there are times I am using the "Medium" gain setting on the Theorem 720.
    With this combination I hear zero "hiss", massive soundstage, great separation, and the P1's have the "boomerang" sound signature I have come to prefer for casual listening.  I am really, really, happy with this combination!
  10. headfiusr
     Has anyone replaced the battery in their Theorem yet and if so what is the part number of the battery?
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    Did you try e-mailing David/Cypherlabs?
  12. rush1
    Been wanting the Theorem 720, savings for it, looking for it (as i really want the copper brand new), found it... Finally after a long shipping it arrives for the weekend... It sounds soo good as well looks great too [​IMG]
  13. tunes
    I heard the HE 1000 at a meet in Babylon NY and brought my THEOREM that I love but had to turn the volume up to max to hear most recordings and inadequate level for some. Very disappointing since I immediately fell in love with the HE 1000 and planned to buy it but still need a portable amp/DAC when traveling. Does anyone have experience with the HE 1000 and another more powerful amp/DAC that can drive the HE 1000 to higher levels of performance.
  14. lukeap69

    Did you try the balanced connection? And which gain setting?
  15. tunes
    Gain was set for highest output and used single ended not balanced. According to David Maudlin the HE 1000 requires more power to drive and suggested a tube amp, like the Prautes, or solid state class A of 8W or more. They are competing against the Stax which requires a high voltage amp.
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