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Cypher Labs Theorem 720

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by drsheep, Sep 3, 2013.
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  1. cyberslacker
    I see its is DISCONTINUED, any idea why? or what will replace it?
    got mine for a deal on the for sale forum, glad i did !
  2. tunes
    Has anyone compared the SQ of the Theorem
    720 with the Questyle Audio QP1R dap? I was wondering which one has a better DAC??
  3. singleended58

    I do not own the QP1R dap but have listened to it at SoCal CanJam 2016. To me T720 is more musical than QP1R sonically. However, I do not know if I am wrong or not is it fair to compare DAC of DAP and DAC amp individually?
  4. tunes
    Perhaps but yeah Theorem is not powerful enough to drive the HE1000 to their fullest potential.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Just curious if that was from trying or speculative? I could try to bring my Theorem to e-earphone to give it a shot however I'd be surprised if it doesn't have enough power to drive it. I've driven the HE1K from my AK380+amp and it was capable and I feel the Theorem has more power than the AK380+amp.
    As to whether the Theorem will bring the HE1K to it's fullest potential, that's a different story which to me isn't power capability related but really more portable amps vs desktop amps type design & components used, etc.
    Just my 2 yen worth.
  6. deafdoorknob
    The ALO CDM or their soon to be launched Continental V could well the the spiritual heir to theorem,
  7. tunes
    Has the Theorem 720 really been discontinued? Is there a new better model in the works? Perhaps a stand alone dap?
  8. tunes
    I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of power the QP1R has when paired with the HIFIMAN HE 1000. It seems that with many recordings even at a volume maxed out there just isn't enough dynamic range. I really thought this would be the best portable rig when reading the reviews. My Cypher labs Theorem 720 powers it much better. However, I am not sure the details are there as the DAC in the QP1R may be more refined. So is there a portable amplifier to pair with the QP1R that will be more powerful to drive the HEK? I would like some options to have a stack as I did with my iPod and Cypher labs Theorem 720, which is still one of the best sounding combos I have heard so far with any headphone other than planars.
  9. singleended58

    +1 agreed.
  10. tunes
    Since the Theorem 720 does not have an optical input, I was wondering if I could pair the The AlgoRhythm Duet headphone amp with the optical line out of the QP1R? What type of optical cable would be best for this? Is there a better portable amp out there than the Duet and powerful enough to drive the HEK??
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you but what you're proposing doesn't seem to make sense. An optical line out of the QP1R would imply a digital output of the QP1R. That means you'd need to put the other end of that optical cable, would be digital in into a DAC, not an amp. You can't digital in into an amp...but you can analogue line in into an amp.
    You can analogue line out of the QP1R into the Duet but I don't know if the Duet would be able to drive the HE1K properly. Hopefully I'll get to borrow a friend's HE1K soon and see how the Duet (and Theorem) drive it.
  12. upsguys88
    anyone know of any good cheap connectors for theorem 720 to lightning shor cable?
  13. AnakChan Moderator
    Did you try mailing David at Cypherlabs? I'm sure he has those cables.
  14. myap2328
    Hey all!

    A used 720 just popped up in the market and I thread searching for a comparisons of the 720 with the iDSD BL but to no avail.

    I read some comparisons btw the Hifi M8 and the 720 and it seems the 720 wins. But was wondering how it compares to the iDSD BL as mentioned above and perhaps even the xDSD, Chord Mojo (+poly or alone), Chord Hugo (have one on the used market as well) even, or any other new contenders that I may have not heard of.

    Otherwise I might just go ahead and purchase the 720. Thanks!
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  15. emarshal
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