1. zach915m

    Sony F Series VS E Series Sound quality and components (DAC)

    I'm wondering how much of a sound quality upgrade the F Series is VS the E series Walkman player.  I have the E series and the sound quality is great via an LOD but I'm wondering if the F series has a much better DAC.  I know the new F series can play FLAC files.  Has anyone had experience with...
  2. Jamil

    Sony NW-F807 Observations

    Hi, folks.   I recently received an NW-F807/S that I imported from Japan.  I'm in the USA, and I received it on 21-Dec.  This is my second recent Walkman DAP, and I still use my NW-A867 due to its smaller and more convenient size.  The NW-A867 is better for me for Bluetooth streaming to my...
  3. scotty2012

    SONY NW-F887

    Hi all   I live in the UK and want to import the SONY NW-F887 HiRes Audio Player from Japan.   Currently I own a pair of SONY MDR-R1 Headphones, will those be enough to pair with the player or will I need an amp as well?   Sorry if I sound dense.   Thanks
  4. DrSheep

    Cypher Labs Theorem 720

    Ok, someone going to start this, and it might just as well be me this time.  Since information for the CLT720 is somewhat limited from CL's own site, I am going to borrow them from TTVJ.  Here it goes:   Source: TTVJ   MSRP: $899   The Cypher Labs Theorem 720 is an all in one amp/DAC for...
  5. Sony NW-F807

    Sony NW-F807

    Sony F Series NWZ-F807 64GB memory Video Walkman MP3/MP4 NO VOLUME CAP version you can get a whole new audio and visual experience with Walkman® F series! Feature-packed at your fingertips, enjoy endless fun and entertainment anywhere you go.