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Sony NW-F807

  • Sony F Series NWZ-F807 64GB memory Video Walkman MP3/MP4 NO VOLUME CAP version you can get a whole new audio and visual experience with Walkman® F series! Feature-packed at your fingertips, enjoy endless fun and entertainment anywhere you go.

Recent Reviews

  1. mdpu
    Nice handsome player
    Written by mdpu
    Published Jan 13, 2015
    Pros - Japanese version plays AtracPlus 352
    Good, nice stable player. Walkman music player plays mp3, AtracPlus and flac. No additionel (power consuming) apps requiered to play music. At first disappointing sound when using Ultrasone iQ.
    Then switched off all equalizers and Digital soundprocessing features to get rid of all distortion.
    Good soundstage, Nice bass easy to handlle.

    Japanese version still plays Atrac for iTS Home market. First powerup all text in Japanese, confirmed some screens on the gues by hitting right below botton, to come across the language button (not behind a menu) to switch to Englisch.

    Good function with Sonicstage 4.3 and current MediaGo (to handlle flac) software. It is also to drag and drop with explorer.:)


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