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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Photoman
    1. Should be able to drive them.
    2. You have 3 ways. Swipe the art work, touchscreen icons, and physical side buttons.
    3. Yes it has 2 skins plus a info screen with bigger artwork.
  2. bluedolphin
    Thanks Photoman,  can you change to next song while in bigger artwork, for example using physical buttons or swipe.
    or you have to exit big album art to change song?
  3. HiFiChris Contributor

    Yes, that (swipe to change tracks as well as using the physical buttons) is possible in full-screen artwork display.
  4. goody
    Guys is this better than the fiio x5ii?...i was reading the reviews on kataku (google translate is a godsend) ..they rate it quite highly ....I have one coming i will compare it to my ZX100
    Vitor Valeri likes this.
  5. jmills8
    In my opinion clearly yes.
  6. gelocks
    Planars are usually hard to drive (or just plain NEED/CRAVE a lot of power to sound as they 'should'/better). I think you will still experience the same thing as with the X9... My Mad Dogs/Alpha Dogs did sound "Ok" from FiiO X5 (first gen) but I still listened to them with a bit more power (i.e. used a Schiit Magni at least).
  7. Sound Eq
    all planners in my opinion new an amp, so thinking of a dap tpo drive plannars is a waste of time and money
    my ak380 and amp does not drive my oppo pm 1 at all
  8. Photoman

    I no longer have my X5ii.
  9. gelocks
    I'm pretty sure that the FiiO X5 ii will have more power, decent firmware updates (still) and it supports 2 microSD cards so... I really want to try this one. Will probably buy it from eBay or something.
  10. Sound Eq
    man for this price the cowon d is a real catch
    take it form an ak380+ amp owner
  11. vilasn
    Hi Guys,
    Just want to confirm couple of things:
    1. Does this DAP have 'Dynamic Playlist' feature of D2?
    2. Can I play music directly from folders?
  12. Photoman
    1. What type of playlist?
    2. Yes
  13. vilasn
    So back in D2 days, I could pick the folder and add it to the play list, and pick another folder and add it, like that I can keep adding folders to the playlist. It was very convenient way to create playlist on fly.
  14. Photoman
    you can only do single songs right now. waiting for firmware to fix this
  15. vilasn
    Man, it's a tough choice between this and iBasso DX80. Is anybody aware, if these DAPs can be auditioned in Minneapolis, MN area?
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