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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Sound Eq
    man what tough choice are you talking about, this tiny baby sings like a champ go for the cowon d
    i really am starting to think i am a wolfson dac fan, as really it sounds so amazing so musical
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  2. vilasn
    I am struggling mostly features wise and of course haven't heard them yet. DX80 is so versatile, so many ways to connect and expand. Can Plenue D work as DAC/AMP when connected to PC or Smart Phone?
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  3. taffy2207
    Valid point. The PD excels in the areas of sound and portability but it does lack features. It all depends where your priorities lie.

    As an all rounder it falls short, as a portable option, I would say it'll be hard to beat.
  4. jmills8
    Yes the DX80 is great in having two memory card slots and it has many different ways to connect. The Cowon D Inly is better in :xf_eek:ver all Sound, having an Analog sound instead of sounding digital,a great EQ, BBE, size, battery life,and being made in South Korea.
  5. Deftone
    how do you think the D sound competing straight against mojo?
  6. Dale Trujillo
    Hi everyone! Im pretty new to the hi def party and I thought I'd get your opinion. Ive been looking at the Cowon D after owning a Cowon J3, but I'm pretty split between the Plenue D and Sony's NWZ-ZX1. The NWZ-ZX1 is about $150 more (used) than the Cowon D (new). Have any of you used both and prefer one over the other? I know the NWZ-ZX1 is android and has streaming etc., but I really liked the J3's BBE and drag and drop file management and battery life. If someone can give me their thoughts these two player it would really help me out. Oh, and maybe someone can suggest a decent pair of headphones or ear-buds for a beginner. Thank you :)  
  7. swimmintunes
    Has anyone had their Plenue D freeze up on them yet?  I tried to delete a song directly on the Plenue and I received a "Waiting" sign on the screen.  It is still there, can't turn it off using the power button or sleep for that matter.  Doesn't respond when I plug in the USB either (except the red light on the power/sleep button).
    Anyone know of any fixes?  A way to hard reset?
  8. jmills8
    soft reset, press volume button on the side.
  9. Photoman
    New D firmware  1.10b1  http://support.cowon.com  : 
    - Improved UI response time
    Symptoms corrected stopping the SD card DB creation
    - Favorite information broken symptom modification ("TCSYSDIR" Delete Folder in the product after the firmware upgrade needed)
    - Change the background image of the player with a static image Skin A
    - Improved LCD off when some broken sound source developer
    - Change the size of the list, touch the scroll bar area
    - Fixed track number M4A file processing error
    - AM at the time set / PM Update Error Correction
    - Korean keyboard display, regardless of the language setting
    - Fixed browser hang when there are no symptoms matrix file
    - Modified version of the configuration information displayed
    ****Don't know what the b1 is****

  10. AeroSatan

    God, I could never part with my Z5's, they're amazing
  11. swimmintunes

    Worked, Thanks!!!
  12. Ghisy

    I'm guessing the b1 is for "beta 1"? Is it available directly from Cowon's website?

    I really hope it improves the scrolling lag!

    Sent from my Chroma-powered Nexus 6
  13. Photoman
    Yes it did improve.  And the sidebar is scrolling is  a lot  better.  The korea site
  14. Ghisy

    Great news! Maybe the b1 version is for the Korean/Asian version of the D. I remember Cowon using a different naming scheme for international firmwares with the J3 for example.
  15. pietro77

    You saying that cowon plenue d has better sound quality than ibasso dx80? What about dx90? Any comparison?
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