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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. lmfboy01
  2. Uncle E1
    can't agree with you on the plenue d being better than the dx80.  both sound different.  the plenue is very much warmer.  it is just for preference for analog sound.
  3. Skint
    Just updated the software. It's farrrrrr more responsive and far easier to use now. There is still about 0.5sec lag but it's very predictable and scrolling is much smoother. Everything else pretty much the same. Didn't use the playlist before but it's good. Just add tracks or albums to a playlist and play directly from it. Even with shuffle all, it'll only play tracks in playlist. I found shuffle all to select tracks from internal or SD card memory. Very happy with new fw.
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  4. jmills8
    The D has a deeper and more analog sound than the 80 or 90.
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  5. jmills8
  6. Mistyc
    I can't find the leather case in Europe.
    Do u have any links guys?
  7. jmills8
    Do you have the D ?
  8. Photoman
    I can back up jmills8 that the D sounds better. I had the ibasso-dx80 and compared. Plus the problems dx80 have like that clicking noise Everytime you turn on and off the unit. Resets
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  9. marlin29311
    I see the new firmware isn't posted to the global site, but only the Korean site right now - if you install it, will you be able to use English?
  10. taffy2207
    Yup, I just checked the keyboard search and that's in English so it's all good.
  11. jmills8
    When you add the new FW do I have to remove all my music first?
  12. Skint
    No, all music stays there. But be careful because if it screws up then you may loose music. Best to make backup first. At least remove SD card.

    Can confirm it's all in English.
  13. vilasn
    Have they addressed the issue of not being able to add folders to 'Dynamic Playlist'? I really loved it when I had D2.
  14. jmills8
    thanks, I will remove the sd card but do worry of the internal memory. Maybe I can wait until FW posted on the Cowon international site.
  15. Photoman
    it work fine for me. I didn't have to take out my sd card. Loving the new update
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