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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. marlin29311
    The Plenue D uses a Wolfson WM8998 codec.
  2. Photoman
    Looks like the D is selling very well:  http://www.datanet.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=96296
  3. marlin29311
    For anyone who's interested, I just posted my formal review in the review section!
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  4. Photoman
    Great review:grinning:
  5. Sylean

    I agree !
  6. Sound Eq
    well i bought the cown d to add to my collection and connected to my headstage arrow 5tx and its really amazing
    now is it better than my ak380 and amp, no really i am not a fan boy of ak and people who know me, know that i am a very cirticising person and i bashed the eq in ak380 alot, but still the ak380 and amp is better than my cowon d and headstage.
    but if i go back in time i would have been happy with cowon d and headstage and would have not bought the ak380 and amp
    but its totally unfair to compare the ak380 and amp to the cowon d which is costing only a fraction of the ak380 and amp
    but really its so surprising that this tiny device and at this price point brings so so so much joy to me
    this just makes me wonder how the plenue s is compared to ak380
    really well done job cowon for making this amazing dap at a very very cheap price point
    the cowon d without doubt trumps all fiio daps i owned x3, x3ii, x5, x5ii which i all sold as they were so boring comapred to the cowon d
  7. Photoman

    I feel sorry for my fiio x1 and retuned my fiio x7 and my Ibasso dx 80 for this tiny D
  8. BadBanana
    Just subscribed to join / follow this thread. I'm very tempted by this player.
    If interested, the Wolfson info on the WM8998 codec is here...
    http://www.cirrus.com/en/products/pro/detail/P1265.html - full data available
    It looks very capable, so much so that I wonder if Cowon plan another hardware variant of the Plenue D in the future.  Or maybe they just got a good price and it does the job they wanted it to do.  I note the unpopulated area just next to the headphone socket on one side of the board...
    I finally gave up on the 200GB SD card in the D.  Anything past about 140GB would get "Invalid file" errors or lock it up or crash it.  The card is fine in a PC or any other player.  So I am now using a 128GB card and all seems well. I really like this DAP, but the software needs some work.
  10. taffy2207
  11. Photoman

    It's a reason why they say 128gb.  
  12. Sound Eq
    yes the cowon d for its price man is unbelievable and i am adding it to my list of things i will keep performance/value
    list of items to keep:
    1- chord mojo
    2- headstage arrow 5tx ( enhanced bass )
    3- cowon d
    4- oppo pm1
    5- alo mk 3 B
    things i am selling or will sell
    1- ak380 and amp
    2- shure 846
    3- sony z5
    Actually, almost all the vendors say 128GB, but his the first device that I've tried (out of 14 DAPs that I own) where the 200GB card didn't work correctly. OK, I didn't try the Fiio M3.
  14. Cagin
    I would consider downsizing from my DP-X1 and ZX2 to the Plenue D if I could be ensured it has a low noise floor. Like in between Fiio X5ii and the Dp-x1 would be ok. I'm willing to let go of android/wifi and top sound if I can still get great sound with no hiss. I value battery highly >:-]]
  15. Sound Eq
    well with my shure 846 i hear no hiss with the cowon d and i assume that shure 846 is pretty a sensitive iem
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