bang for buck
  1. robm321

    SOLD - 1more Quad Driver In-ear Headphone (IEM)

    I am selling my 1more Quad universal IEM is very good condition. I am the original owner. Use has been light since I have so many other IEMs. One of the better bang for your buck packages. For more information, please see here:
  2. Kenneth Galang

    Opinions on high end Aliexpress IEM's?

    I didn't want to simply say CHINESE IEM's because i reallly don't know where they are being manufactured. These are just some IEM's i found on I recently saw someone selling this: and thought, " I've seen this...
  3. bmate334

    Budget headphones. Advice needed.

    Hello everyone. I've been recommended this site as forum who knows its way around sound, so I've figured it's a good place for advice. I've been in dire need for some headphones for some time now. My last pick got worn out by time - I used Sennheiser HD202. The cable just got worn out and...
  4. AeroSatan

    Cowon Plenue D

    Looks like a new Hi Fi Dap from Cowon is about to drop soon and one thing is for certain, the battery life should be beastly. 100hrs (MP3) / 51hrs (24bit, 96kHz, FLAC)