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  1. DrSheep

    Cowon Plenue Playlist Quick Guide

    Background: Due to complete lack of official guide on how Cowon Plenue series of DAPs handle playlist, I have decided to write this quick guide after quite a bit of searching and trial and error. I have tested the methods with my Plenue V with firmware 1.13, but I can only assume this will work...
  2. Fessy

    Connecting Cowon Plenue D via OTG usb on the note 10+ 5G

    So, basically what my title says lol. After it is connected to my note 10 plus+ via OTG, it charges but won't let me connect it so that it picks it up as a storage device. I want to be able to connect it to my phone via otg so i can copy audio onto it . Can someone help me with this please...
  3. Glen007

    Is buying Plenue D worth it in 2019

    Hello Everyone, New here and just found that I can create a new thread in this section of the forum. I am thinking of buying either a plenue D or Lotoo PAW 5000 or Ak70 MkII or ZX300 (all second-hand). With my current budget and reviews about the sound of each players in mind, I am leaning...
  4. sleepingawake

    Sony Wm-1000xm2 frustration vs Custom One Pro

    I am using Cowon Plenue D, which sounds amazing for the price, and i have Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. But i wanted to use spotify also, since new phones don't have headphone output, it uses usb-c > 3.5mm adaptor, which is really junk. So i though i would get a bluetooth headset. I bought Sony...
  5. Fessy

    Is there a way to put 2 micro sd cards into the Plenue D??

    Hi, So my question is basically the thread title. I know there are DAPs with the ability to have 2 micro sd cards but I don't know what their sound is like compared to Cowon, with whom I've been with since my iAudio 7 when it 1st came out or somewhere around then. So if anyone knows of a...
  6. A

    Cowon Plenue d

    Hello everyone, first thread so i said I'd ask a couple questions on the Plenue d that i need help answering. Firstly, is the latest firmware update on the player from the get go or will i have to do this myself. And secondly the micro SD card, is 128 gb still the highest you can go and not...
  7. rikc

    Cowon Plenue D vs. Onkyo Rubato DP-S1

    I'm looking to buy a new DAP after being without for a couple of years. The Plenue D and Rubato DP-S1 both seem like they're great for what I'm looking for, and I could use some help deciding which is the way to go. I've owned a Cowon S9 and J3 in the past, and loved both of them. I've been...
  8. bitpawp

    Need help deciding on a DAP.

    I think I've narrowed it down to the Sony Walkman NW-A35 and the Cowon Plenue D. I originally wanted the Cowon due to its apparently better overall sound quality and battery life. However, I hear there is a file limit on the Cowon that limits it to about 16,000 files and 8,000 folders with a...
  9. gn28

    Cowon Plenue D: blinking led

    Dear gents and ladies, I just received a Cowon Plenue D as a gift. Everything works great, except for the fact that it has a white LED on top that blinks every few seconds. That is annoying and I am quite sure that it wastes battery life pointlessly. Does anyone know how I can have it disabled...
  10. yakcyll

    Selecting a DAP

    Hello everybody! After some deliberation, I've recently come to a conclusion that I'd like to obtain a portable music player and I'd like to ask you for some choice advice. Doing some research has allowed me to narrow my initial choices to the three of Cowon Plenue D, Shanling M1 or the FiiO X...
  11. JoshG1217

    DAP Question DX80, X5 iii, Plenue D, LG V10

    Hey guys, So i have been on the audio quest for a while now. Went through a dozen pairs of headphones before coming to the Dt 1770 (selling my PSB m4u-1's and UE 6000's if anyone is interested). I am very satisfied with the 1770's, though just got them Wednesday and have not tried them for...
  12. AeroSatan

    Cowon Plenue D

    Looks like a new Hi Fi Dap from Cowon is about to drop soon and one thing is for certain, the battery life should be beastly. 100hrs (MP3) / 51hrs (24bit, 96kHz, FLAC)
  13. Masus

    Cowon Sound Quality

    Hi all,   I have just bought my first Cowon and I would like to know something about sound quality. Cowon is famous for its good sound quality, but, comparing my M2 with my Samsung Galaxy S2, I have noticed that the M2 exalts glitches and noise. If I use the equalizer to change the sound these...