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Cowon Sound Quality

  1. Masus
    Hi all,
    I have just bought my first Cowon and I would like to know something about sound quality. Cowon is famous for its good sound quality, but, comparing my M2 with my Samsung Galaxy S2, I have noticed that the M2 exalts glitches and noise. If I use the equalizer to change the sound these glitches becomes more audible. If I put all the bars to +12 without changing the center frequency of each bar, so using the default one, these glitches are small, but if I change the center frequency the sound seems to be distorted.
    Is it normal?
    I have used some headphones, and the best I have is the AKG Q460.
    Is my M2 good or defective?
    May it depends by the source?
    I have used various mp3, and only one flac of the Muse to test. If I use a not so good source, is it possible that with a poor mp3 player the output is better because it is not able to make audible glitches?
    In this situation it seems that my Samsung Galaxy S2 has a better quality, and it is absurd!
    I have made test without bbe to check better the quality.
    What do you think about?
  2. KG Jag
    You might want to check the Portable Source Gear sub section of this forum.
  3. Masus
    Thank you,
    I'll post in that subsection.

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