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Is there a way to put 2 micro sd cards into the Plenue D??

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Fessy, Jul 4, 2018.
  1. Fessy

    So my question is basically the thread title. I know there are DAPs with the ability to have 2 micro sd cards but I don't know what their sound is like compared to Cowon, with whom I've been with since my iAudio 7 when it 1st came out or somewhere around then.

    So if anyone knows of a technology or a way to do this then I would appreciate some help. If not, can someone tell me of a good battery life like the PD or something close to this, sound wise and the ability to take 2 sd cards and around a similar price like the PD please?

    Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  2. davidcotton
    Be easier just to buy a bigger card wouldn't it? Besides I'm sure that the plenue d is limited to 128 gig? Maybe someone else can confirm that? You may have to step up the range if you want to have two card slots (personally never manage to get through what I've got on one 200 gig card myself in a day).
  3. Fessy
    Yes it would lol but the PD is limited to 128gb so that sucks for me lol I'm sure, or 200gb at least but there's no 200gb except 256gb by SanDisk right? But even that's not enough for me lol. Well how much of a step up are we talking? I used to have the Plenue M which was awesome but the battery life wasn't good enough for me, it's just that I don't want to spend THAT much money jst for another SD card slot ya know? Well I'm just nuts about music I guess lol. Only got like 18gb left and that will soon be full so I've ordered another 128gb but just the fact I gotta keep switching is annoying because I have my A5 amp attached and just annoying with all the bands/wires etc.
  4. Weaves
    My Sony a17 goes head to head in sound with my d. if you don't need podcast look at Sony a45
  5. Fessy
    I looked at them before but looking now, they both only take 1 sd card? I need the DAP to take 2. Also, I've had Sony mp3 players in the past, there's no way there sound is anything like Cowon or Cowon's Plenue models though or are they up to par with them?
  6. Weaves
    The Sony A17/A45/ZX300 will take a 400GB card.
    i can only compare to the plenue D, since that is what i own. The Sony Zx300 also takes a 400gb card and it has balanced out and beats the Plenue D in sound. The higher plenues either have capped card limits, or are over priced compared to the Sony.

    Not sure where you are at, but Amazon has 400gb cards for $189 in US.

    If you are in Asia, or Europe you may be able to find audio stores to audition the Sony players.
  7. Fessy
    Ah I see. But is there a 400gb micro sd card though these days? Because last time I checked, SanDisk were the only ones that did a 200gb micro sd card? Whoa, are you sure it beats the PD? Because I'm sure products like Sony, back in the 2000s used to have sound restriction in the EU, so they used to be too low, that's why I went from my cube mp3/4 players to Cowon.

    In the UK, do they have them on Amazon and stuff?

    £600 is too expensive right now, that's why I was looking for something around the PD price. So is any of the Sony series you mentioned, A17/45 sound up to par with the PD?
  8. davidcotton
    Amazon have the 400 gig cards at £161 right now, or the 256 for a more reasonable £89.00. As for the sony volume cap, as long as it is not an android device (zx1 and zx2) that can now be turned off, using a handy tool from the rockbox developers. Just do a google search.
  9. Weaves
    The A17 does, but the price never dropped, since it appears to be the last Sony DAP with podcast support. I never tried the a45, but others said sound was similar, or better than A17. The ZX3000 balanced out surpasses the plenue d. Look up the a45 thread on here. it may even drop in price when the A50 is out in the next few months.

    there are fios that have dual cards.

    what is your library size that you need two cards?

    I can only help you with my final statement:

    What you are trying to do, either can't be done, or would be more expensive than most of your other options.
  10. Fessy

    Yeah, I saw today, thanks though. The PD I think only takes 128gb so that's why I got another 128gb which sucked. Ah right, I know about rockbox but not sure about the sound capabilities of it compared to Cowon?
  11. Fessy

    Ah right, whoa, I always thought Cowon was like "the loudest and the best" and nothing could beat them, guess I was wrong lol. Ok, will do and will look out for the A50.

    Ah yes, I forgot about Fiio. Is there a good sounding one like the PD price, battery, sound and price wise, which also has the ability to take two 128gb sd cards?

    At the moment, its on I think, 17,000+ lol, it just grows here and there all the time lol. So that's my 32gb internal memory on the PD nearly gone, deleted some that I don't like anymore so got about 3gb free and the external memory card I got about 18gb left.

    I see. I just thought that there might be some sort of technology that allows you to do that, like as easy as putting in a usb drive lol. But then I thought about it and knew it wouldn't work because the PD itself doesn't have the ability to read two sd cards but just wanted to clarify .

    So now its the Fiio DAPs. 1) Good sounding one like the PD price, battery, sound and price wise, which also has the ability to take two 128gb sd cards and 2) Is there a way, on here, I could get a Fiio to test for a few days or so? Or is that not allowed?

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