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Is buying Plenue D worth it in 2019

  1. Glen007
    Hello Everyone,

    New here and just found that I can create a new thread in this section of the forum.

    I am thinking of buying either a plenue D or Lotoo PAW 5000 or Ak70 MkII or ZX300 (all second-hand). With my current budget and reviews about the sound of each players in mind, I am leaning more towards Plenue D.

    • I have Astell AK T8ie MKII, I know that they are sensitive so was wondering if my iem will play well with plenue D or any of the above players.
    • Would be glad if you can point me in the right direction since this will be my first DAP. Also am open to suggestion on choosing the DAP.
    • Also, any idea on what would be the right price point for the above used products?
  2. Raketen
    What are you listening from now? Why do you wnat a DAP? IMO it's important to focus on the types of features you want (prioritize user interface design? shape/size? driving power? Battery life? Connectivity? etc...) and how you plan to use them, because any reputable DAP should have decent to good sound quality.

    IMO If you have good quality phone audio that can drive your IEMs , Plenue D might not offer much noticable (if any) improvement in sound- To me, Plenue D's strength (other than small size and battery life) is in its very natural sounding EQ/DSP effects.

    (also don't forget if you consider the zx300 to allow budget for a 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter., assuming you still have 2.5mm cable from t8ie)
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  3. Glen007

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am quite new to DAP and Hi-res. Never used a AMP/DAC or a DAP before.

    Got hooked to it when I first listened to a WM1a from an audio shop.
    • As of now I just use my MBP (Audirvana Plus) for listening to FLAC files that I have in my laptop and I have a blackberry Keyone with Amazon Music (was using soundmagic E80S before I got T8ie MKII).
    • Thinking of getting a DAP to use it as my goto music player while I am travelling/in office.
    • I do not use any streaming music apps like Tidal, etc and will not be using those kind of services for the next few years.
    • I do have the 2.5mm cable from t8ie :)
    • I love listening to Classical, Jazz and Rock, sometimes (~15% of the time) I listen to EDM, heavymetal and hiphop.
    • Would say Portability, durablity, Battery life and something that would last me a few years.
    • Bluetooth and other connectivity is good but not a must as I own a Jabra sport that I used only when I go to gym and since it has an android app I will not be using it with DAP.
    • Would be great if I can also used it as a DAC with my laptop but then again it is not a must.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  4. Raketen
    Don't think I have any particular recommendations, so hopefully someone else will chime in. Personally mostly use Sony A55 lately which has these features but a few complaints (i.e. USB DAC mode lag that makes it useless for video & gaming applications).

    RE Plenue D, I think for a good used price (IMO <100 usd) it's a solid basic dap, and even a good one if you like to EQ. On the other hand there are a number of relatively affordable players released since it that offer many if not all of the features you are interested in (Shanling, Fiio, Cayin, Sony, Activo (A&K brand), Hiby, Hidizs all have options). Another route if you aren't particularly attached to the notion of a seperate DAP device, are the combination bluetooth receiver/usb dac gadgets that have emerged lately like the Radsone ES100 (I think Fiio, Shanling, a few others have similarly featured gadgets).

    For used pricing on those DAPs you were interested in, I have found following For Sale forums/eBay over a period of time is a good way to get some idea. The website HiFiShark also does some tracking of this, though not perfectly.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  5. Glen007
    Thank you very much for the reply Raketen :) .. I found a place near me where I can demo A55, will check it out this weekend. I will check into Radstone ES100 and also HiFiShark website for prices :)

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