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DAP Question DX80, X5 iii, Plenue D, LG V10

  1. JoshG1217
    Hey guys,

    So i have been on the audio quest for a while now. Went through a dozen pairs of headphones before coming to the Dt 1770 (selling my PSB m4u-1's and UE 6000's if anyone is interested). I am very satisfied with the 1770's, though just got them Wednesday and have not tried them for portability at this point. I have a 4 foot cable coming in from amazon today, so we will see how they work at the gym tomorrow.

    So next is source. I started buying CD's again about a year and a half ago, and am up to about 120. I burn those to flac files. I also use an LG v10 with power amp beta that does the 24 bit playback.

    I am thinking of getting a DAP. I am willing to spend up to $400, which is what the FIIO x5iii costs. I like that is is wireless and I can download spotify, or even user Power Amp (I believe), but I also like that the Plenue D has a 100 hour battery life. I have read through the forums to try and get comparisons, but there does not seem to be a ton.

    Bottom line is this: are any of these actually an upgrade to the V10? If so, is it worth spending more money for the x5iii over the Plenue D? Ultimately, I use EQ, and my biggest use will be at the gym playing mp3's and Flac files via a player, and spotify at the office, but I can do the latter from my computer if need be.

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. JoshG1217
  3. JoshG1217
    Perhaps these things have been settled long ago, but I would appreciate input if anyone has any
  4. Teerhand
    hey, so replying to a dead thread kinda, but i´m interested what you ended up doing. Well imo apart from size and battery life there´s little reason to upgrade from a v series LG phone. The Es9018 utilized in the V10 is pretty nice, and its amp is nice as well (driving 250 Ohm cans no problem) All you would get from another Dap is a different sound signature, but quality of digital conversion will be identical

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