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Sony Wm-1000xm2 frustration vs Custom One Pro

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sleepingawake, Oct 4, 2018.
  1. sleepingawake
    I am using Cowon Plenue D, which sounds amazing for the price, and i have Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. But i wanted to use spotify also, since new phones don't have headphone output, it uses usb-c > 3.5mm adaptor, which is really junk. So i though i would get a bluetooth headset. I bought Sony Wm-1000xm2. I had high expectations, since i tested Sony Mdr-1A, which sounds really amazing for the price.

    When i first listened to 1000xm2 i thought it needed burn-in. Now i have used it about 20 hours, and still sounds too flat for my taste, since i am coming from Custom One Pro, which has lots of detail, sounds warm and wide soundstage. I am thinking of giving Sony 1000xm2 back. But every reviewers gave very positive comments. Am i missing something?

    I tested A-B wired and bluetooth with Custom One Pro. There isn't any area that Sony sounds better for my taste. No point of spending 350$ just for bluetooth, which has a very low quality compared to wired connection.
  2. duaned
    Yep, The Sony XM2 sounds crap in my opinion. I don't understand those that say it sounds great, unless of course it is the only set of headphones they have ever heard.
  3. sleepingawake
    Sony Mdr-A1 sounds very well. I was expecting 1000xm2 to be much better. But in reality, worse.
  4. Peddler
    I love mine.

  5. jegnyc
    I own these. Two comments. First, these are noise-cancelling, Bluetooth, phones. That always means a compromise as compared with quality headphones that do not have these features.

    I didn't care for the sound until I used the equalizer included with the Sony app.

    I still don't care for the phones if used without the DAP. They are barely tolerable then.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018

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