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Cowon Plenue D vs. Onkyo Rubato DP-S1

  1. rikc
    I'm looking to buy a new DAP after being without for a couple of years. The Plenue D and Rubato DP-S1 both seem like they're great for what I'm looking for, and I could use some help deciding which is the way to go.

    I've owned a Cowon S9 and J3 in the past, and loved both of them. I've been waiting years for Cowon to start making appealing sub-$500 DAPs again, and the Plenue D seems like it's just what I've been looking for: solid design, good sound, a good equalizer for my purposes and an affordable price. However, the Rubato seems like a great player in its own regard, and I'm very interested in being able to use Tidal with it. If I can get good Tidal functionality on the Rubato (especially offline mode) that might put me over, but everything I read about the interface makes it sound like it could be to much of a pain (I'm not afraid of a terrible UI if it works, though; my last player was a FiiO x3, and hoo boy was that ugly and cumbersome). The build quality also give me pause - reviews have said it "feels cheap" and the thing weighs almost half as much as the Plenue D. I live in a city and plan to use this on commutes, I'd like to make sure I get a solid device that I can travel with.

    Sound-wise I think that both of these players will exceed my ear, but I'd definitely like to hear some comparisons if anyone has listened to both.

    Any advice or insight would be appreciated, thank you!
  2. gemmoglock
    Did you decide in the end? Having the same dilemma now.

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