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Selecting a DAP

  1. yakcyll
    Hello everybody!

    After some deliberation, I've recently come to a conclusion that I'd like to obtain a portable music player and I'd like to ask you for some choice advice. Doing some research has allowed me to narrow my initial choices to the three of Cowon Plenue D, Shanling M1 or the FiiO X MkIII. They're all quite different from each other, probably hardly comparable, but each has some features or characteristics that are important to me (judging from various reviews).
    • Plenue D: Ultra-long battery life (quite important), small form factor, decent sound quality.
    • Shanling M1: Can be used as a USB DAC, small form factor, SQ comparable to the Plenue D, is the cheapest of the three by quite a margin.
    • FiiO X MkIII: Can be used as a USB DAC, highest sound quality of the three, can use with Spotify/Tidal if I ever get there.
    Whichever I get, I'll be using it solely to listen to FLAC music from storage for a while; I'm not (yet) a Spotify user. I'll be using it both at work and on the go with ATH-MSR7s, listening to rock, metal and electronic music. I have not tried them out yet and won't get many chances, so would like to listen to some advice, suggestions or experiences before I go off looking for such an opportunity.

    The two factors most important to me when making this choice are the sound quality and the battery life. I wouldn't want to have another brick to worry about charging too much, which (along with its price) almost disqualifies the FiiO, but I'm still wondering if its features and the SQ make it worth it. Don't really want to be missing out on some features (the DAC part sounds really compelling), but I can do without them.

    In terms of the budget, the FiiO X MkIII is stretching it a tad, so I'd like to keep it within 450€/500$. I'm open to any other suggestions too. I'd like to mainly know if any of these players can be already crossed out due to there being better alternatives to it within that price limit or its price not being justified by its capabilities.

    Thanks a bunch in advance!
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  2. cossix
    Honestly id stick to any of the FiiO lineup if possible. They are priced very well and perform amazingly

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