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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. audioaudioaudio
    Ah ok, cheers for the heads up, that's what I was thinking might be the case, I still think I'll order one this week and see how I go with it and I've found some handy credit card sized micro sd card holders which should help things.
  2. audioaudioaudio
    Cheers for the Cayin N5ii recommendation, that one looks absolutely ideal for my needs, been reading a bit more on it and it sounds seems so much better than the dx80. It's not currently available on amp3 but I think I'll get one in the summer and fill up those SD cards ready for it. I'll try and find somewhere to give it a test in the mean time.

    I did end up buying a Plenue D, it's sounding great, I love the size and the battery is perfect. I plan to combine this with the Cayin down the line and should be good for the forseable future - by the time I can afford the Cayin I should have re-ripped most of my CDs to flac so hopefully will be perfectly timed.
  3. niof
    Hi all!

    Currently I use iPod classic 6th gen with CMoy (with OPA1612), and I want to step up in sound quality.
    I am planning to buy a new DAP instead of my iPod, and the Plenue D is one of the possible choices for me. My question is simple. The Plenue D have enough power to drive my Sennheiser HD 25-1 II? This is my primary portable headphone. It would be great if I can leave behind the portable headphone amp, and the Plenue drive my headphone correctly, even at higher volumes, without any insufficiency. Or, the Plenue has not enough power, and forget it, to drive my headphone with it?

    Thanks, for the answers!
  4. dragulievic
    I am using my PD with a pair of Beoplay H6s and the sound is awesome. Apparently it depends on the rips as well since some tracks are louder than the rest but usually I set the volume around 35-40, at night lower around 30 and the maximum vol level of the player is 100 :wink: That means I never surpass the half of it's maximum potential. So I really doubt that the PD does not have the sufficient power to drive the HD25 properly.
  5. taffy2207
    My headphones are 64 Ohm and the Sennheisers are rated 65-70. I listen mainly at circa 64 volume (pretty loud) so you should be fine with that pairing.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  6. nalyom9
    Hi All, I want to make my PD wirelessly linked to my Panasonic wireless headphones. The headphones charging base are linked to my bedroom TV via mini jack and infra red back to the headphones. How could I get them to work with the PD? Bluetooth transmitter receiver?
  7. Mython Contributor
    Hi everyone, I've done my best to search this thread to find answers to the following questions, but to no avail, so sincere apologies if I missed the answers due to different words being used.

    I have a Plenue J and the J thread is absurdly quiet, so I wanted to find out if D users are experiencing similar things to me.

    1) It has already been asked (but not successfully answered, so far as I can find) in this thread, how to return the player to the state where it asks the user to choose a region. I am thoroughly annoyed with my J because when I switched it on for the first time, it asked me to choose region, and I set the player down for 90 seconds or so, without pressing anything, and then, suddenly and without warning, it auto-selected English but I didn't see what region it chose. Now, every time I try to raise the volume more than '59', an on-screen message appears that has to be dismissed before it goes any higher. This is extremely annoying, because some tracks are recorded very quietly and therefore need the player to be turned-up louder, but I have to take the damn player out of my pocket in order to dismiss the message! THREFORE, I am assuming the player must have defaulted to European region. Does the Plenue D show this stupid on-screen message, regardless of region, or only European region, or not at all? My old J3 used to permanently cap the volume to 30 (instead of 40) if European region was chosen, and I remember having to re-install firmware in order to be able to re-choose my desired region.

    2) I'll ask again what I haven't cannot find successfully answered in this thread: Is there a way to get back to the Region-choice screen, on Plenue DAPs, without re-installing firmware?

    3) The J3 has a zoom function for the on-screen text, which lets you permanently (unless/until you decide to alter the setting) set big or small text when scrolling through directories and tracks. This is very useful because it means you can display more tracks on the screen, by setting the text small, and therefore can locate a desired track from a long file-list much more quickly, and with much less scrolling, added to which, long track names are much more readable. On the new Plenue J, I have looked and looked but can't find any way to alter the text size (which is ridiculously big, by default). Is there a trick to doing this on the D / J or have the Cowon firmware development team spent the last 7 years regressing to a kindergarten state of less functionality than the ageing J3?

    I am finding the Plenue J firmware very frustrating and absurdly inferior to the J3 firmware.

    To rub salt in the wound, some genius decided that the + and - of the track control button should be oriented in the opposite orientation to the + and - of the volume button.

    All in all, the Plenue J firmware is an embarrassing step backwards from J3 and there should be red faces of shame at Cowon!!
  8. kfarndog
    I have used my HD25ii with my Plenue D. I find the Senns are very good with many amps and DAPs, but they really ramp up as you provide them with more power. If you haven't purchased the Plenue D at this point, you may consider something like the Shanling M3s which I find a real contender for the price.
  9. taffy2207
    @Mython Do this at your own risk but this is from the Plenue J Manual (I googled it) I can't find another way :-

    If you’ve set the incorrect system language, connect the device to your computer, delete the ‘SYSTEM’ folder of the device, and then reboot the device. You will be able to select the language the same as the initial setup. * If you’ve set user EQ profiles, be sure to back up the profiles before deleting
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
    Mython likes this.
  10. Mython Contributor

    Nice one, taffy - my suspicion was proved correct, by your working solution, thankyou cheers beerchug EMOTICON.gif

    Your solution did, indeed, enable me to select language and region again, and when I did that, I adjusted the volume up past 59, and... no bloody-annoying nag screen anymore! Thankyou so much!

    So, as I suspected, the DAP had originally defaulted itself to European region, which I think is not at all fair to customers - it's outrageous to take away the choice from the customer, without warning, if they don't enter their own choice within a short period of time. If I hadn't had a workaround, that volume nag screen would've been enough justification for me to send the player back to the dealer for a refund.

    As for the font size issue, I suspect this exists because Cowon have decided to unify their code-base as much as possible, and just tweak it a bit for each player. This approach would be less work for them, but, if I'm correct about this, it screws-over customers of the Plenue D and J, because these players have very low resolution screens which means the font is too large and needs a function to reduce it. Cowon know this - they included a font zoom/reduce function on the J3 precisely because of it (and the Plenue D and J screen is actually even less resolution than the old J3 screen, so it's even more important to have this function now, even though the Plenues higher up the range don't need it. Plenue D and J customers also have to suffer an EQ screen that is clearly inappropriate for the screen resolution, as it doesn't fit properly, needing 2 pages.

    Very lame.

    If I thought I could get away with it, without risking bricking it, I'd genuinely prefer to install J3 firmware on this Plenue J. However, it is probable that it'd be incompatible with a 7 years newer SoC.
    taffy2207 likes this.
  11. niof
    Thank you for all for the answers!
    Then possible that I buy the D. In the last case, if the power not enough, I will continue using my CMoy, or buy any better quality portable amplifier beside. Although, with the OPA1612, the CMoy sounds really good, and have plenty of power.

    Thanks again for everyone!
  12. BogdanUK
    I apologize if my question has been asked already but i really need to know if the Cowon Plenue D sounds better then Cayin N3. I own this N3 but i feel so attracted of the Cowon Plenue D even if i couldn't find what DAC chipset has.
    Thank you
  13. HiFlight
    I owned both and prefer the PD because of LONG battery play time and the many excellent DSP settings. I have since sold my N3.
  14. Eggs is eggs
    I bought one of these on ebay when they had the 20% off sale. $160 seemed like a good deal. The other option was the J but this one was cheaper and had better battery life. I'm a bit nervous about the UI lag which seems bad but hopefully I'll get used to it after a while. Will post impressions later.
  15. Mython Contributor
    FWIW, the Plenue J isn't 100% lag-free. Might be less lag than the D, but don't believe that the J is lag-free, 'cos it isn't cheers beerchug EMOTICON.gif
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