Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread
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For Newbies or Members wanting to join in, tips on downloading, searching and posting can be found (updated 22nd February 2021) HERE.

And an alternative (easier and often quicker) way of searching can be found HERE.

How to embed the Bandcamp Player

1. Once on the bandcamp page, Click the 'share / embed' icon as shown below


2. Then click the 3rd embed Icon as shown below :-


3. Then click the large embedded player style as shown below :-


4. Then Copy & Paste the link (Press Ctrl & C together) when it is highlighted (Just click on the link to highlight) :-



5. All you need to post is the link that is in the second part of quotes (highlighted in RED). Press Ctrl and V together to paste it into your post. You do not need to use the Media Button. You can then click on
to check that you are happy with the formatting of your post before you post it.

All being well, it should look like this :-

How to Centre Posts

If you want to centre posts so they are aligned just highlight all your post (Left click and drag the Cursor) and click the ALIGN CENTRE Icon as shown below (2nd icon down) :-


There's a handful of us giving here and a lot of people just taking. Searching is easy as shown in the links above. It'd be nice to have some new posters in here to help us out and to get more variety.

If you can't do that then hit the ':thumbsup:
LIKE' button so we can find and post more of what you want us to post.

Personally, I have no idea if people are liking what I post or not, so, if it goes on like this, I'll either stop posting or I'll just post Metal :metal: e.g. I post a lot of Electronic, Ambient etc that I have no interest in and that I don't download but I know other Members like because they've liked posts. I post about a quarter of what I find and I've reached the point where I have no idea what to post anymore :confused:

It's not about getting my likes count up, I honestly couldn't care less about it as explained in the links above.

I want to post stuff that Members want, nothing more.

We've been saying it for years, this thread is one of the best on head-fi, use it or lose it.

I'm sure regular posters in this thread will help if you get stuck :thumbsup:
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White Panda

Dance / Electronic / Mash Ups. No Email Address Required. 386MB, 438.5MB, 357.5MB, 349.6MB & 357.1MB respectively.​
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