Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread
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I thought I'd bump these for newbies. These apply to Bandcamp. Hopefully we'll get some new posters in this thread :fingers_crossed:

HOW TO DOWNLOAD:- Most of this still applies (STAGE 1. The initial link is now in the player (Album Title)).
I've had a few PM's lately (mainly from non-English speaking Fi'ers) asking how to download from Bandcamp, so I thought I would post this :-

Artists that offer 'Name Your Price' options on Bandcamp for their music or 'Free download' can be downloaded for FREE. It is 100% Legal.

Occasionally, you have to provide an email address and bandcamp will email you a link to your download. You will be placed on a mailing list for new releases from that Artist or label. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list and I have not been spammed by Bandcamp.

For downloads that require an Email address Stage 2 will look like this :-

You will receive a link in your email inbox (check your SPAM folder). Open the email and click on the link, it will take you to Stage 3.

Stage 1
. The posts we make in this thread have a link that goes to an Artist or label page on Bandcamp. I have used my post above as an example.

Once you click the link you will see 'Digital Album' and under that a 'Buy now name your price' option. You need to click this.

Stage 2. Then a pop up titled 'Digital Album' will appear. You should enter 0 in the 'name your price box'. Then click the 'Download Now' .

Stage 3. This should take you to the download page. There is a format option under the word DOWNLOAD. There is a little black arrow (Pointing Down), if you click that, you can choose which format you would like. Your download does not have to be in FLAC, Many other audio formats are available from the drop down box. Just make sure your PC / DAP supports the audio format before you download.

Stage 4. Once you have selected your format, click 'Download'.

Stage 5. A window will pop up, click 'save file'.

Stage 6. Your download will now begin. You will need a program like Winrar to extract the files once it has been downloaded. If you like something we post hit the 'Like' button

button so we know what you like and what to post more of. I Hope this helps, fellow Fi'ers

Search by tags. A lot of bands / Artists have offered NYP at some point, search through their back catalogues. Thorough searching generally takes hours. Look at recommendations from other bands / Artists. A lot of the time, like follows like.

Don't dismiss bands / Artists because of what Country they're from or if the mastering is not that great (The whole concept of Hi-def music after much deliberation is meh to me). Concentrate on the music itself. There's a lot of snobbery regarding music. Most people play music that's from the USA or the UK, there's so much good music that can be found outside of mainstream music and countries. Open your mind to it.

Sign up to emails.

Bookmark this search, you can refine it using the tags at the top.

Above all else, share what you find. Music is ALWAYS better when it's shared.

Even when it's NYP, if you really like it and play it a lot, pay a few bucks. You can always go back and pay.

Share stuff you find that you don't like, chances are someone else will.

Even if you don't contribute, 'like' posts that you like so that we know what you like.

Just to prove it's not an ego thing (I honestly couldn't care less about rep on a forum) :-

This thread needs new posters or it will fade away.

Hope this helps​


Do a search before you post (though it's not perfect since the forum revamp). I'm going to add titles from today so searching is easier.

Post the link from the Bandcamp page (you don't need to use the media button). It should link to the player (providing it's a Bandcamp link). If it's not a Bandcamp link just post the link (and the album art, if you like). You can always preview the post using 'More Options...' and 'Preview...' before posting, so you can keep editing it until you're happy with it.

Try to post the genre and file size and whether it's 16 or 24Bit if possible (if you don't download it, you won't know for sure). Some players can't play 24 Bit although it's becoming less of an issue nowadays.

The above is just a guide, post as you wish.

I'm sure regular posters in this thread will help if you get stuck :thumbsup:

SEARCHING THIS THREAD (Updated 22nd February 2021) :-

There are many ways you can search the thread. You can search by :-

1. By Band Name
2. By genre (Blues, electronic, stoner etc.)
3. by Resolution (if you're looking for Hi Res (just search for 24 Bit)

LAC - Lossless Audio Checker (update 03/03/20):-

If I have the time or I am suspicious about a file, I sometimes run (primarily) 24 Bit files through LAC to test the validity of the Hi Res Claim.

LAC - CLEAN = LAC reports the file as being clean (genuine)
LAC (UPSAMPLED) = File has been Upsampled info on upsampling here
LAC - (TRANSCODED) = File has been transcoded info on transcoding here

LAC can be downloaded here

EDIT 30/07/20. If you're downloading on a Mobile Phone then pretty much every download will require an Email Address.

I emailed Bandcamp about the inconsistencies with regards to Hi Res and FLACs. I pointed out that some files were not authentic Hi Res or even indeed FLAC files.

Bandcamp stated that an Artist has to upload a FLAC file as Bandcamp offers all formats for download by the general public. I pointed out to them that people are paying for Hi Res or FLAC files and in some cases are not receiving what they have purchased. It was at this point that they stopped communicating with me.

I think, at best it is misleading, at worst it it possibly something much worse. Personally, I think it's a huge flaw in how Bandcamp does things. There doesn't appear to be any quality control with regards to checking the validity of files uploaded by artists.

Make of it what you will.
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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - "Polygondwanaland"

Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock / No email address required. 282 MB 24 bit

Didn't see this in the thread. I was actually quite surprised it hadn't been posted, as these guys have quite a cult following. It is free though!
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