1. A

    Headphones recommendations for Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    After a very long hiatus of chasing the hifi tail I'm back into looking for a new headphone system or two. My first order of business is to find a simple system with relatively high audio quality for listening at the office. Since I will almost exclusively be listening to streaming via Tidal...
  2. molecule

    Infinite tags?

    We were thinking about updating the tags on our Free FLAC music forum to include things like the gernes we usually post, but we're limited to 20 tags max: Is there any way the tag limit could be removed...
  3. StratocasterMan

    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Alright, folks, here is the purpose of this thread:   It is for sharing links to FREE FLAC music files.   The rules are very simple. Please share your links to legal downloads of FREE FLAC music files.   1. Any type of music is fine, but it must be in FLAC format. 2. The downloads...