1. Chesky Records

    99¢ For Hi-Res Download of “Eve of Destruction”

    “Eve of Destruction“ from Casey Abrams featuring Cyndi Lauper Now Available For 99¢ On HDtracks, When written in 1964, "Eve of Destruction" lamented the morale surrounding the war in Vietnam, the draft, the cold war, and the challenges of their time. 2020 has presented us with a...
  2. R

    Tidal downloads on Astell&Kern SR15 A&norma

    I am a newly. I purchased an A&K SR15 mainly to listen to Tidal offline when flying. I have installed the Tidal android app (2.13.2) as instructed, but can only download with the setting to "Normal". No higher fidelity setting will permit me to download, despite having a HIFI subscription...
  3. StratocasterMan

    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Alright, folks, here is the purpose of this thread:   It is for sharing links to FREE FLAC music files.   The rules are very simple. Please share your links to legal downloads of FREE FLAC music files.   1. Any type of music is fine, but it must be in FLAC format. 2. The downloads...