1. ciscokid96

    Upgrade from Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020

    Hello everybody, Fairly new to the hobby and have figured out that so far, out of the IEMs I own, I like the sound signature of my Andromeda 2020 over my other IEMs that are more praised by the public. For reference, I turn to the Andromedas more often over Anole VX, IER-Z1R, and Monarch mkii...
  2. M

    Need some advice

    Good morning all :) I Need some advice on some new Headphones. My current pair is a V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless i bought them because i was a huge fan of the Lp2 and wantet to continue with V-Moda. Now i want to get out and try something different im Looking into open Back headphones for...
  3. P

    Recommendation for crunchy bass easy to drive fun warm IEMs

    Background I come from the 1More Triple Driver, which I enjoyed even though they were slightly relaxed and not amazing. Anyway they did a fine job. When the cable broke I hate I could not replace it. That is why I am not buying those iems again, I am looking for replaceable cables. Now I've got...
  4. 9~ATOMS

    LOST IN MUSIC [Discover~Share~Discuss]

    Starting this thread as I love listening to & finding music that hits the sweet spot within, old or new. Music enhances life & is something to cherish. ...................... For Anyone that wants to Discover~Share~Discuss ‘Any’ Music that means something to you. Feel free to post anything...
  5. L

    Upgrading from DT 770, (Death,Doom,Black) + Amp choice?

    Hello! I'm currently on my third pair of 770's, but I'm eyeing a possible upgrade, I've mostly used them un-amped (80ohms) and I like their sound, but have little reference for what a solid pair of cans can sound like for the genre I listen to. Possible cans that came to mind were the ath-msrb7b...
  6. D

    Would require some help and recommendations upgrading my headphones, headphone amp and DAC.

    Hello! I have started to do some research to update my current headphones and a DAC, and received a recommendation to get a proper headphone amplifier at the same time to get more juice out of the headphones. I would need some recommendations on pairings and understanding what could serve me...
  7. S

    Good IEM under 500 for rock, indie and electronic

    Hi All, I understand sound and headphone/in ear are all very subjective and also dependent on musical taste. I’m looking for a set of IEM under £/$500 price point. I had been looking at campfire audio Polaris 2 but fully sold out. my current go to ever day are Shure 215 but am looking for...
  8. FullBright1

    Rock Songs

    "ROCK SONGS".... whatever that phrase means to you. Feel free to post your favorites or what you want us to discover. 1.) No Rules + No Regulations. = Except for ... No Rap and no Disco. - -
  9. P


  10. Metal Magic Research GaeBolg

    Metal Magic Research GaeBolg

    The GáeBolg is reworked from ground up with a completely new ergonomics and features purely BA set-up, bringing forth a harmonious balance in aesthetics, ergonomics and tonality. MMR’s GáeBolg trails for absolute precision and balance as well as efficiency. The lengthy development outcome was a...
  11. T

    Is my Amp giving my Hifiman HE4XX the chance it deserves?

    I can't figure out if I need to try a different headphone or a different Amp. The Behringer P2 Amp Under the stats on the device it says " Max output: 2 x 100mW @ 16 ohms " Does this mean it is not powerful enough to drive my new Hifimans HE-4XX that require 35 ohms (it has 93 db/mW...
  12. hamsta007

    Universal budget DAC\AMP combo device (under 150-200$)

    Now I have SoundBlasterX G6 and AKG K712 PRO. Most of simple genres sound good enough on this combo but metal ones like metalcore and posthardcore sound quite bad for me. The vocals are kinda on the background and mids sound messy. By now I found two DAC\Amps that I like: used Oppo HA-2(or SE)...
  13. D

    HD 600's or WH-1000XM3 / QC35's?

    Hello everyone, beginner here. I'm looking for multipurpose headphones with emphasis on sound quality (music, listening to my guitar plugged in and gaming). I listen to rock / metal and would like something with good bass. I currently use my HyperX Cloud II gaming headset for all of the above...
  14. J

    Looking for sub 50 (maybe considering around 70 if it's a good deal) chi fi iem

    Hey all, Im looking for recommendations for sub 50 chi fi iems, since i intend to buy a pair when my internship ends as a little reward. (head-fi'ers can have a little chifi, as a treat) Asfar as I know, I think I prefer forward mids (id almost say a very mild inverted v shape) with tight...
  15. ryry1

    New Headphone Advice (Metal, EDM, Gaming) $800 budget

    Looking for recommendations for a new set of cans. For the last few months I've been using a pair of LCD-2 Closed Backs, and while I thoroughly enjoy for them for gaming and EDM, they have really disappointed me when it comes to guitar tracks - and I'm a huge metal head so this is really...
  16. yuletide

    Midrange IEM for commuting and work for metal & edm

    Hey folks, just spent a week being overwhelmed by all the options that have appeared since my last purchase, when I ended up with the 1More Triple Driver. I love their sound but the left side treble just died so I am searching for a replacement. Things I love about the 1More: Sub-bass extension...
  17. angelsword

    Bifrost 2 vs. Ares II vs. Soekris 1321

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide on a sub 1000k R2R DAC for my desktop headphone setup. I'm a huge fan of R2R but don't want to break that bank on my secondary system. I'm not like other headfi-ers in that my main musical genres are heavy metal and extreme metal. Fast, intense, noisy nonsense...
  18. necrozen

    Best Headphones for Doom Metal

    I love Doom Metal. I listen to it every day. I'm looking for a pair of audiophile headphones that are the best for listening to Doom. Money is not a concern, they could cost $60 or $6000. I'll get them. They just have to be the best cans for Doom. It doesn't matter how they handle other music as...
  19. Chesky Records

    25% Off Orchestra Covering Metallica (Little Kruta's Justice)

    HEAD-FI USERS CAN GET 25% OFF LITTLE KRUTA'S JUSTICE ON HDTRACKS USING CODE HEADFIJUSTICE offer expires 11/30/2019 "Gorgeous" - MetalSucks "Beautiful" - Metal Injection What would happen if you took And Justice for All, the iconic 1988 album from Thrash Metal icons, Metallica, and reimagined...
  20. Ziltoid2112

    Headphones + Amp to compliment Aeon Flow Closed + Gilmore Lite mk2

    I am new to the audiophile world and don't know that much about equipment and sound properties yet. I currently have the Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed headphones, HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2 amp, and Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus DAC. I am looking for a pair of headphones and an amp that excel at...
  21. monkey4054

    Endgame for Metal Music

    Hi everyone, so I’m fed up with messing around with different headphones and gear and I’m looking to go complete endgame and just set and forget for good. Willing to spend up to 3k AUD maximum. So uber high-end headphones like the Abyss 1266, Susvara, LCD-4z, Utopia etc. are just out of the...
  22. R

    Looking for BT Headphones up to 150$

    Hello all, I'm looking for a recommendation on headphones purchase, which will be mainly used for daily listening to music (movies only occasionally, and for gaming I have a separate wired headset), both at my apartment, in the office at work and during outdoor activities like city walking and...
  23. S

    Advice: Looking for headphones under $150: Good for (heavy) metal and rock

    Good mid and high end, bass, general volume, Preferably bluetooth and cabled Most importantly: available/able to be shipped/sent to The Netherlands (maybe through means of Amazon, etc) Not many demands, very simplified I'd like to be advised on some rather unknown, never-heard-of brands that...
  24. headphonesonly

    Open headphones for metal $300 or under

    Ive got the shp9500 and am looking for an upgrade. I listen to Slayer, System of a Down, and other bands alike. I have the jds atom amp. I would also be using them for gaming.
  25. headphonesonly

    Open headphones for metal $300 or under

    Ive got the shp9500 and am looking for an upgrade. I listen to Slayer, System of a Down, and other bands alike. I have the jds atom amp. I would also be using them for gaming.