1. Oscarilbo

    Newbie: How to use Schiit Stack (MODI+HERESY) with a digital player?

    Hi guys. I'm first and foremost a CD lover. I don't use computer (dont like being in front of one while listen to music) but I think its time to start to move on to higher resolution source and therefore, a digital one. So starting with the basics... I have a Schiit Modi 3+ and a Heresy amp...
  2. N25 HiFi Audio Streamer & Player by cocktailAudio / Novatron / Nova Fidelity

    N25 HiFi Audio Streamer & Player by cocktailAudio / Novatron / Nova Fidelity

    cocktailAudio N25 What is the cocktailAudio N25 The N25 is the World’s most advanced Network Audio Player, featuring a Sabre32 Reference DAC chip and high-performance Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, running at 1.0Ghz. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of digital music...
  3. whistlebug23

    Ultrasonic Frequencies in FLAC

    Hi all - I was running some of my FLAC files through Spek when, for extra kicks and giggles, I put through the quintessential 192/24 Norah Jones. Now, I'm very much out of my league as soon as I open the box of signal processing (Nyquist & Shannon, eat your hearts out), but I thought these two...
  4. H

    Shortlist of robust and compact push button DAPs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a replacement for my iPod Nano 3rd gen. I'm on my 3rd, as I still like the small form factor and the push button clickwheel, though the audio quality and battery life isn't great (obviously it's ancient tech now). I'm moving over to FLACs and I require a player that...
  5. drewmunitz1

    3.5mm to Lightning adapters (Portable DAC) for newer iPhones

    What're the best 3.5mm to lightning Portable (DAC) adapters available for newer iPhone? Someone mentioned that the 3.5mm to lightning cable that comes with all newer iPhones has an effective built-in DAC but, I doubt it would even be good enough to listen to FLAC or even any high-rez music. Any...
  6. OscSop

    File Format - FLAC 24/192 vs DSD64 vs MQA

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I have been reading so much about this and have basically come full circle and still have no idea as to an answer. There may not be an answer and may be down to personal preference, but even so, I'm going to ask! I have been listening to some FLAC...
  7. DaveM1785

    Is Foobar2000 required for the Topping D30 DAC and A30 Amp?

    Do I have to install Foobar2000 and ASIO Proxy for the Topping D30 DAC? I have Amazon Music Unlimited HD, VLC player for .flac files. I also have Audacity which I have never used. Thank you!
  8. A

    Topping DX3 Pro VS Topping D50 for Audioengine A5+

    Looking for a DAC to pair with my Audioengine A5+ speakers currently plugged into my onboard sound card of my pc which is absolute trash! My choices are the Topping D50 or the Topping DX3 Pro. Please help me pick between the two! My main purpose is playing high quality music.
  9. S

    Bitrate stuff

    Hello! So I bought a Flac at qobuz.com and it came in 919kbps(checked the bitrate). So it says CD quality and I read usually that means higher than 1000kbps. Do you think it will make a difference? Or will it be the same as 1411kbos CD for example? Before you ask I am using the Audiotechnica M70x.
  10. S

    Real flac?

    Hello! So I found a website that sells flac but just wanted to ask if any of you are familiar with it. I mean are the flacs that it sells good bitrate? Is it gonna be better than compressed high quality music from Apple(256kbps)? Also is that a normal price for a flac song?I mean the price of a...
  11. Kheadfi

    Best High End, well recorded, Music.

    please post links to your favorite High End Downloads. Here are 5 suggestions to get started: https://www.soundliaison.com/ https://www.soundliaison.com/ https://www.prostudiomasters.com/album/page/693 https://www.prostudiomasters.com/featured/genre/jazz/new#quickview/album/7569...
  12. Not Deaf

    Virtual Barbershop FLAC File

    I'm sure all of you are familiar with the virtual barbershop binaural audio with Luigi. I've looked around and can only find the 192kbps version. I've heard of a 256kbps version out there but can't find it and am really looking for the lossless version of it. Has anyone heard of this audio clip...
  13. Not Deaf

    Virtual Barbershop FLAC

    I'm sure all of you are familiar with the virtual barbershop binaural audio with Luigi. I've looked around and can only find the 192kbps version. I've heard of a 256kbps version out there but can't find it and am really looking for the lossless version of it. Has anyone heard of this audio clip...
  14. cmdrmcgarrett

    Wanting a DAC/AMP.... no idea where to start

    My head is just spinning with all the different types and prices. Let me start with what I have currently Micca Origen+ DT770 80ohm HE400i Monoprice Retro Modern Using Windows 10 with Foobar I have a lot of FLACs, a few SACDs, lots of mp3 (yeah I know just cant find FLAC versions of some)...
  15. 4

    Do i need a new external Drive to convert my CDs in Flac?

    Hey Guys im jusing a external USB DVD Drive from HP to convert my Music CDs to Flac (Level 5) with Foobar2000. But it dosent matters Seal or older CDs not one Flac goes to 100% accuracy. Do i need a better USB Drive or another Software?
  16. H

    Difference between classical music recordings - interpretations and year of release

    Hi! I am currently sorting my CD / music library. Being a bit of a collector, I gathered over the years many, many different versions of the same pieces and concerts. And I now realize that I should not have done that .... whereas I do enjoy the different interpretations, I seem "not musically...
  17. State Of Trance

    Question About Ripping CD to FLAC

    Was ripping another CD, using, as I always have, this tutorial. Noticed this one part here, where he sets bit rate and it's only 1024 kBit/s, which is the highest option in the dropdown. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what this setting actually is, but CD quality bitrate is 1,411 kbps and we're...
  18. C

    Hi-Res Audio "showcase" playlist thread

    Hi all I´m hoping the people that have been listening to Hi-Res Audio for a while might be able to post their suggestions for the definitive songs that clearly illustrate the superiority of Hi-Res Audio (to be clear I dont want to start a fight about if anything above 16/44.1 is even worth it...
  19. C

    Best cans for listening

    What are some of the best headphones under $100 for listening to lossless quality music of all genres? Ones that reproduce the most natural sound the way it's supposed to sound while not causing fatigue over time. In person listening is the best determination I know, but that is not an option...
  20. molecule

    Infinite tags?

    We were thinking about updating the tags on our Free FLAC music forum to include things like the gernes we usually post, but we're limited to 20 tags max: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/official-free-flac-file-music-sharing-thread.644595/page-159 Is there any way the tag limit could be removed...
  21. ProfessorHi

    ototoy.jp selling upsampled FLAC files?

    Hey there, I just bought a single, which was apparently "24bit/96kHz", from ototoy.jp and pondered when the file size was relatively small (65mb) for an audio file with high bit depth and sample rate of that duration. So I did small check on spek and the results(shown below) showed a cutoff as...
  22. Double-A

    Apple adds support for FLAC playback to its devices

    https://www.macrumors.com/2017/09/15/apple-flac-playback-4k-apple-tv-iphone-7-8-x/ Apple has apparently quietly added support for FLAC playback to some of its devices. Could this mean that we will see lossless music streaming in Apple Music?
  23. IryxBRO

    Hidizs AP200 — new high fidelity music player from Hidizs. First look

    Two years ago I have first encountered Hidizs AP100 — portable high fidelity music player that outperformed many of its rivals despite a significantly lower cost. That model impressed me so much with its balanced sound that I've continued to use it up till now... And today, I am glad to present...
  24. Mifi

    DAC TEST Files

    2 minutes of same source audio in DXD, DSD, PCM and FLAC: http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/6-compare-formats
  25. BigFatCaeZZar

    Hiss in Passenger's Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

    Sup. Have any of you noticed a background hiss in Passenger's Young As The Morning Old As The Sea? I can notice it in both FLAC and MP3. Im not sure if I got 2 distorted files, or if it is supposed to be there as a sound effect. Tell me what you think.