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Difference between classical music recordings - interpretations and year of release

Discussion in 'Music' started by Hoegaardener70, Sep 23, 2018.
  1. Hoegaardener70
    Hi! I am currently sorting my CD / music library. Being a bit of a collector, I gathered over the years many, many different versions of the same pieces and concerts. And I now realize that I should not have done that .... whereas I do enjoy the different interpretations, I seem "not musically enough" to really identify differences which warrant separate purchases. However, what I do notice is the big variety in sound quality, and my HD800S is rather merciless in showing them. In terms of all the equipment discussed here on head-fi, I kind of conclude that one of the biggest upgrades one can do is ... to replace older recordings before the mid-90s with more current ones. Do you share these opinions?
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  2. guyben
    I just posted a somewhat similar thread.
    My LCD4Z (on a Hugo 2) probably are more forgiving than your 800s but the very significant differences in sound quality are just annoying. And I notice that in multiple recordings of recent years. Especially in terms of instrument seperation and bass/treble extension. Some recordings are just too centered and dull and some are just amazing. If it is just all about cost than it's a shame such wonderful music performed by very talented musicians gets ruined by less than perfect recording/mixing.

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  3. Peter Hyatt
    I rely upon reviews & check the Dynamic Range website.

    The reviews I seek out include specific recording quality—

    Though I’ve gotten some CDs, most are downloads.

    The discount of hi rez from Qobuz runs about 40%

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