1. L

    Which Gaming/Hi-fi headphone are u suggest around 150$?

    Hey guys! I want to use with my Creative Sound Blasterx g6 Dac+Amp. My preferred music genre: Kpop,rock,electronic Price: Around 150$ I like open or closed headphones too. I prefer Circumaural headphones . On other forum they suggest: Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro...
  2. Deolum

    Best closed bass cans for ~ 300 bucks

    Hello i'm looking for over ear closed headphones with a lot of bass for electronic music. My source is chord mojo. I prefer a brand which is widely available in europe and not an exotic one since i wanna have the opportunity to test it and send it back if i don't like it. My main earphones are...
  3. rayk

    FS: AIAIAI TMA-2 All Around Preset (new E05 earpads)

    Selling a pair of used AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones - all around preset. Earpads are brand new. Good set of cans for electronic music. From a smoking/pet free household. $75 OBO + shipping.
  4. H

    high end headphones for EDM/bass heavy music?

    Hi everyone. I've lurked on this forum for a while and decided to make an account because I really need some advice. I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. I listen to a lot of electronic music. Mainly electro, future bounce, future house etc. Are there any headphones out there...
  5. xNightBlazex

    Audeze LCD2-C Lacking?

    Just got my first pair of Audeze's today and for the most I find them quite superb - in the areas that they excel in. They have tremendous build quality, comfort, sound stage, and quite excellent mids without being too tinny. Great for casual listening in my opinion. They excel at orchestral...
  6. Vilhelm

    Bassy Electronic Music

    This thread is solely dedicated to bassheads posting and discussing the various bass heavy music. So get prepared! Bring out the basshead setup, hit the bass gain switch, seal them earphones tight in them canals, whatever is your way to enjoy the deepness... and post them sweet tracks with that...
  7. InsanityOne

    Advice Wanted: Audio Alchemy DAC Damaged?

    Hello Everyone, Pre-face: I have VERY limited knowledge about electronic internals / why things break. I am seeking advice with how to go about getting my Audio Alchemy DDP-1's power supply repaired as it is out of warranty and I cannot operate the DAC without it (plus I love this DAC and...
  8. SourDoughJACK97

    Best DJ headphones?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start mixing in my spare time at home and need some suggestions for a set of solid DJing cans. I'm not looking to spend a ton but I want be able to use them for just listening as well as possibly doing some small house parties. I'm not really sure what makes DJing...
  9. M

    Replacement for Denon D2000

    Hey all! My Denon D600s just died. Before that, I had D2000s, which I liked better. I'm looking for a replacement set, with a similar overall sound signature to the D2000s. I mainly listen to non-basshead electronic music like Todd Terje, Lindstrom, M83, Royksopp, etc. Some youtube links of...
  10. AirConditioner

    Want bassy headphones to complement HD 598

    I have an HD 598 which I use with Fiio E17k, absolutely love the sound. However, most of the music I listen to is along the lines of Flume/Weeknd/Synth/Massive Attack etc. (electronic trippy pop). Ever since I bass boosted my 598's I love the way they sound, but I'm wondering if it's worth it...
  11. StratocasterMan

    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Alright, folks, here is the purpose of this thread:   It is for sharing links to FREE FLAC music files.   The rules are very simple. Please share your links to legal downloads of FREE FLAC music files.   1. Any type of music is fine, but it must be in FLAC format. 2. The downloads...