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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. technobear
    Sounds like you have a fake card.
  2. technobear
    Just one point to note from that post for anyone who went back to read it again: The PD will only read music from the first 128GB of a 200GB memory card. The files will still appear in their folders because the file system directory is in the lower portion of the card but the player cannot open those files.
  3. motorbit
    i also want to point out that files may become unplayabler even if the card contains much less then 128gb of data.
    when i ran into issues with my sdd card, i used the windows disk manager to partition my card with one partition of 128gb. i left the rest of the space unused and then used the windows disk manager to format the card in fat32.
    the card works flawless.
  4. iJay
    Has anyone used WAV tagging? I mostly use WAV files and the tag support is highly interesting. I would transfer with Foobar2k which also supports WAV tagging.

  5. nalyom9
    Hi All
    Could anyone recommended a good aux cable to use with the PD?
  6. technobear
  7. dragulievic
    today out of a sudden the display on my Plenue D went numb, it does not react at all if I touch it.
    The buttons work normally so I can listen to music but I cannot navigate it through the proper menu - I cannot change in between folders or go into settings. I already tried to reset it by holding the -/+ volume button, also plugged it to my PC to charge it for a while, added an album, and then unplugged but no changes... Any ideas how can I solve this issue?

    I also noticed that when the screen is turned on, the device makes a very weak high pitched buzzing sound, like when an electronic device is turned on. I can hear it only when I press the DAP against my ear. When I press the On/Off button to put the screen into sleep mode then the sound disappears. Does anyone else have this with his/her Plenue D? Maybe it is normal but I was wondering whether it could be connected to my problem and whether there is a connection issue or something.

    EDIT: if I try re-installing the system (I already have v1.17), is there any way to preserve/save my current custom settings? it is a mixture of my own settings with the settings of a headfier but tbh I cannot recall where did I find it so it will be probably lost if I reset the system :/
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
  8. DancingShaman
    Hi fellowz,

    Does the SD card within PD appear as a standalone drive for you guys as well? (Drive G in this case)


  9. technobear
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  10. DancingShaman
    Cheers mate!
  11. audioaudioaudio
    Hi there, I'm currently researching to replace a battery drained iPod Classic (160gb) and I'm pretty close to making the decision to go with Cowon's beautifully sounding Plenue D. Currently on my iPod, that only lasts an hour or so from fully charged to dead battery, I have thousands of Albums, mixes, podcasts and ripped vinyl tracks, most at 192kbps but I will embark on re-ripping my collection to FLAC and 320kbps as I have a few spare hard drives to store them on long term.

    Can anyone tell me how easy it is also how quick and reliable it is, to swap out the SD card on the D? Is it going to turn into a nightmare to have 3 or 4 128gb cards that can be carried along with it and be swapped and scanned if I fancied carrying much more of my collection?

    I'd love a more expensive Plenue 2 or even Plenue 1 but can't really justify it at the moment, my worry with the Plenue D is the storage size limit especially with the hope of using FLAC rips. The sound of it and the battery life help ease that for now, and I think it'll be a perfect partner for a second more expensive one further down the line where I can hopefully store most of my collection in CD quality.

    At the moment I'm leaning to getting an Ibasso DX80 later on also and use the Plenue D as my main portable device and that as secondary device for when I want access to more of my library, but I've not heard how that sounds and also not sure if there's much better options in that case. Love the 2 SD card option (potentially up to TBs of data with newer SD cards, eg recent 512gb) and also the various inputs and outputs adds the things that I would miss from the D. Plus it's not ridiculously priced, might be a tough one to convince my girlfriend that it's a good idea to spend as much as a car on an audio player in the case of the Plenue 2... we'll see.

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  12. dragulievic
    Hey there,
    one of the biggest advantages of the Plenue D is it's portability, the player is super portable if you compare it with the more expensive high end players. They are both much bigger with a way shittier battery life.

    I had to send back to AMP3 my PD because after a month and a half of usage the touch screen stopped responding out of a sudden. So I will either get a new one or they will repair that unit. Honestly I don't really care but I want it back asap because listening to music through my NB's sound card is much worse.
    If you go back by 1-2 pages in this thread you can find my initial impressions and my worries regarding the sound of this player. Now I am almost ashamed that I wrote that because the sound quality turned out to be excellent. Two lessons learned - firstly and most importantly, in order to determine the sound quality of a player one needs several days for testing it rather than just a few hours. Also I noticed that your ears are more/less sensitive during different stages of the day. I personally found my ears to be more sensitive at night around 11PM than around 10AM in the morning, etc, etc. I needed volume levels lower by 8-10 at night.
    Secondly - the PD on default/neutral settings sounded very boring to me and on those setting my Colorfly C3 was better I think. However, after fooling around with the custom settings and browsing through the forums on the internet I managed to find the almost ideal sound for me, it became definitely better than the C3! But remember, the player is just 50%, the second crucial half is an adequately good pair of ear/headphones.

    Changing the SD card is very easy with the PD and the unit scans it pretty quickly, approximately 15 seconds for the 32GB, I cannot recall precisely, maybe even faster. You just pop in/out the SD card with your nail. Copying files onto the SD card through the player is a different story, it is pretty slow. But one usually adds small numbers of albums once the essentials are already there. As far as I know there is a certain limit for the PD above which the system allegedly starts noticeably lagging, if my memory serves me well it was 16000 tracks but bot sure though...

    If you are looking for a really PORTABLE player which actually comfortably fits even into a shirt pocket and sounds great, instead of buying a huge brick costing 1000EUR with 8h of battery life, I think this is among the best players you can get :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
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  13. taffy2207
    It should only be a problem if you have a case that covers the SD Card slot (Like the official Plenue D case).

    You may also want to consider the Cayin N5ii (£299) as well as it can utilise 2 SD Cards (Up to 400GB each). That would give you 832GB in storage OTG. I'm considering it for myself but am holding off until a few bugs are sorted via Firmware. Battery is only 12 hours though but it seems to be the 'best bang per buck' player out there at the moment. It all depends what your priorities in a DAP are. As a commuting device the Plenue D is really hard to beat I think.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  14. audioaudioaudio
    Cheers both for the quick responses, encouraging answers on the SD card front. I'm happy with the time loading the files on, it's better that it's quick to scan when one gets switched out, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

    Headphone wise, I'll be using it with 1More Triples, will see how that pairs and try and tweak things if need.

    And I actually have an old Cybershot case that I think (hope..) will work a treat in combination with an old minidisk player sock to keep it in with extra sd cards. The official case seems a bit much price wise for what it is I thought - might be wrong on that though!

    And the Cayin is one I've though about too, looks nice, I did think I would wait a bit longer and push for the AK70 mkii, I'm not a massive Android fan though, well I like the operating system but don't love the way that apps and Google snaffle up any bit of tracking data they can - it's bad enough on a phone, that's also a plus for the Cowons / Ibasso. Not to mention the Android ones I've seen all seem to run pretty old versions which isn't ideal.I might need to look into it more, if they had stock android with wifi and say options to install Tidal or similar not through Play Store but directly I'd be much happier. Harder these days with Play Services needed for a number of apps, will have a look.
  15. gibletpie
    I find it takes about 3 minutes for the Plenue D to scan and build the database for a 128gb card. Occasionally, it will freeze or crash while doing this and must rescan when restated, potentially doubling scan time.
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