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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. encoreAC
    Glad to hear that, looking forward to mine. I wonder if the rebranded ones and the CRK9LTD branded ones are the same though. 
  2. ringyring
    Unfortunate if they're fakes. Sound-quality wise, they are absolutely worth the price.
  3. encoreAC
    Looks like we all are awaiting for @lalala6 judgment on this matter. If they are worth the price and good sounding, then I am at least a bit satisfied. Still hoping that they sound the same as the originals though [​IMG] 
  4. ringyring

    That's fair. I will say for myself, I knew the risks of ordering from AE. If they came out sounding subpar, I'd have no one to blame but myself.
  5. encoreAC
  6. eaglearrow

    I second that buddy..
  7. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] The Zircons are terribly tip-dependent. Try going to a Narrow Bore and see if that doesn't tighten things up a little. Experiment with a bunch of tips, they can tailor the sound.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  8. 1clearhead

    +1......Zircon's for bass lovers plus natural vocals and highs......and Mula's for hi-resolution lovers from every angle.
  9. ozkan
    I have CKR9 as well. I can compare CKR9ltd to CKR9 when I get my aliexpress pair. Btw, they are shipped 3 days ago however tracking number still doesn't work.
    If they sound better than CKR9 then they should be genuine. How long did yours take to arrive?
  10. alme83
    I've got mine in about 2 weeks.
  11. peter123

    Don't worry too much about tracking via China Post. I bought the GR07BE on the 25/8 sale and after the tracking showing them go back and forward between Shenzhen and Guangzhou three times they were suddenly delivered to me just a day after the latest update ob the tracking :wink:
    ozkan likes this.
  12. bhazard
    I built a pair of custom 2-way tower speakers with a total cost of $1,000 in retail parts and wood. Some speaker designer "borrowed" (basically stole and modified) the design and sells them for around $5,000 with lesser quality parts.
    This is the basis of the thread in general. There is quality equipment being created in China and sold for a massive markup by companies domestically. With the advent of Aliexpress/Taobao, I'd rather buy from the manufacturer themselves than the middleman, unless added value is there.
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  13. EarTips
    Off Topic:
    Hi bhazard, is it possible for you to start a new thread on this diy speakers?
    Looks very interesting.
    vic2vic likes this.
  14. vic2vic
    +1 (or @bhazard alternatively PM with details). Many thanks.
  15. bhazard
    PM sent. Head-Fi isn't the place for it. Two totally different sound animals.
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