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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. sodesuka
    It seems that's just the aliexpress seller hasn't applied the obligatory 'discount', it's around $90 on taobao.
  2. Hal Rockwell

    What obligatory discount?
  3. sodesuka

    Almost all items I've seen in taobao and aliexpress always have perpetual discount for their prices, it's virtually the real price while the initial price is listed just to give buyers, especially first time buyers, illusion that they're getting a bargain.
    Here's the DM4 listing at mistertao http://mistertao.com/beta/pages/item/522038606190.html
    The aliexpress one will probably be updated to that 'discounted price' before long.
  4. Hal Rockwell

    That might explain why almost all items on AliExpress have listings with reasonable prices and listings with prices two, three times higher.
  5. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Senn. HD295, 600, 650. They should fit. I would also recommend momentums but I understand they are rather small inside the pads. If you want a Brighter sound Then AKG. Starting with the 701 and work upward numerically. Some of these require shopping as they vary greatly and can get rather pricey.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  6. 1clearhead

    They look strikingly similar to the KZ-C56R.
    Take a look......
    Don't know if the DM4 is worth that price when I can get the KZ-C56R.
  7. Inszy
    Ultrasone Ed.5 :wink:
    For less price: Brainwavz HM5, AKG K550, Beyerdynamic DT150, Takstar PRO80 with HM5 earpads and mods.
  8. sodesuka
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  9. Hal Rockwell
    The Sidy DM4 just dropped to 55USD.
  10. Grayson73
    $55 for Ali CKR9LTD:
  11. peter123
    My Axgio Sprint Bluetooth IEM review is up:
  12. Lifted Andreas
  13. iLovePanda265
    What do you guys think is the best iem under around $20 that has tight bass and a mid forward sound (kinda IM03-esque) Im looking for something with a similar sound signature to my IM03s to bring to school and throw around. Obviously I dont expect them to be as good but just similar. I currently have the Zircons but theyre alittle more bass heavy than I like for my everyday sound.
  14. joemama

    Have you tried them with different tips yet? Zircons are very tip dependent. I tried them with Auvios and with stock tips and they were really bassy, particularly in the mid-bass. Switching to a CX-300 clone cut the bass considerably; spinfits and sony islolation tips did likewise. Check it out and see what you think.[​IMG]
  15. iLovePanda265
    Yea i currently have large spiral dots on them its not so much that the bass is overkill I just want something with more mid emphasis and less splashy treble plus I never received my ED10s so after I get a refund I wanted to buy a new pair of iems anyways. I totally love the Zircons I just want another cheap iem that offers a different sound signature.
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