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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. Selenium
    Mine would caus3 me discomfort after like an hour or so, but it seems my ears are pretty adaptable(or I'm killing the nerves in the sore spots lol) because that happens a lot with new earphones and eventually goes away.
  2. Igor Eisberg

    I knew you meant the Piston 3 :p funny that you couldn't remember the name straight away XD
    Yeah I have the Piston 3 already, those were the first IEM I ordered from AliExpress, just when they were released.
    But really, they are similar, but don't look the same.
    xiaomipiston3.png HTB1jnXMJpXXXXXeXFXXq6xXFXXXP.jpg
  3. 1clearhead
    .....meant to say the AKG K3003 from the original AKG company.  [​IMG]
  4. eaglearrow

    You'll know how, if you work in a manufacturing company (no offence).
    Chill, if u think they are fake.. great.. just dont buy them. :wink: Also people here are posting their impressions after receiving their Ltd's. Not just randomly speculating 'how', 'maybe' and 'obviously'.
    And yes, there is a high possibilty of OEMs selling these unofficially just like @bhazard said.

  5. voxxonline
    On another note, this situation with LTD's exposes cost structure of the headphones. Taking in consideration few things, like:
    Cost of processes set up
    Volume of production
    Rejects rate
    Cost per batch (adjusted)
    minus marketing, Know-how, logistics and other associated costs
    One get production cost of below X (in our case 40 GBP). 
    Knowing from experience with the DIY, Speakers have parts to commercial value ratio of around x5, amplifiers can go higher and be x10 and more, same with other digital. I wonder if a ratio of loudspeakers cost of parts to commercial would be about the same as headphones?
  6. minzeee
    I was wondering if anyone could comapre the LTD's to the se535's? Im trying to pick between those two but due to price differences and no comparisons its kind of hard..
  7. TurtleRecall
    My zircons just arrived but they're... White! D: The seller I bought them from only had pics of black and only one option when you add to cart. Ah well.

    They sound good with foam tips (stock silicon tips never fit me). Shame about them being white and gold though!

    Edit: As has already been noted, they're definitely a 'basshead' iem, not a faithful reproduction of the source material. Treble is pretty clear, mids are kind of swamped by the bass.

    Edited again: they are fun to listen to though!
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  8. Igor Eisberg

    Only one color option? I'd not buy from a seller like that if I were you XD
  9. TurtleRecall

    They were the cheapest though...

    I've been practising for a wedding gig through a little mixer with my soundmagic pl50s. Swapped them out for the zircons and they made the pl50s sound positively anaemic. However, there's absolutely no clarity in the low end at all, just huge undefined bass.

    I might order another pair in black, but I'm gonna give the white and gold ones to my mum or something, I'd feel like liberace if I wore them in public.
  10. Igor Eisberg

    Try the new ROCK Mula, I hear good things about them and they look sexeh!
    This one's a great seller. Here's the ROCK Zircon if you want them:
  11. CoiL
    Some of You who ordered those cheap CKR9LTD`s - are You willing to take one shot for everybody and compare to those?
  12. encoreAC
    or these : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2015-Hotsale-LTD-Version-Dual-Phase-Push-Pull-Drivers-Dynamic-Premuim-Super-Solid-Bass-Stereo-Music/32473220597.html?ws_ab_test=201526_5,201527_4_71_72_73_74_75,201409_3
  13. RedJohn456

    I knew those cheap CKR9 LTD were too good to be true lol. Proof is in the pudding as it were.
    If something seems too be good to be true, its usually the case! Glad I held off on ordering :)
  14. encoreAC
    We will see when my pair arrives, I don't have the original CKR9, but I can differentiate between good earphones and cheap fake ones for sure. At least I expect them to hold up against the Ostry KC06A.
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  15. eaglearrow
    bUddy, l own the gr07be, ltd and kc07A.. let alone the ostry's, to me LTDs are on par with my 07BE's.. its on a different level compared to my ostry's.. :wink:
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