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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

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  1. EarTips
    Thanks bro, got the pm. :)
  2. voxxonline
    see the diyaudio for all info, they have plenty of designs.
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Shanling M3 Review
  4. earfonia
  5. madwyn
    I bought this DAC along with the crystal upgrade. Never tried this with a headphone, only tried it with amplifier + KEF LS50.
    My ears are not picky, I think it worth the money. However, I find the DAC itself is not so great with compatibilities.
    You buy it for the looking, right? [​IMG]
  6. Trapok
    Anyone else bougth this wooden YINJW http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Latest-HIFI-Monitor-The-Movement-Of-Wood-In-ear-Headphones-Earphone-Bass-DIY-Magic-Sound-Headset/1825606_32378933536.html ?
    It becomes my everyday phone with my smartphone,
    After one week of use,Compared to my KZ ATE:
    Wooden YINJW has a deeper sub-bass stronger mid-bass, less detailed  mids, treble has a little more extension, for soundstage it has more  depth and wider.  
    Overall sound is warmer on the Wooden
    - Wooden has a better isolation.
    - Cable: nothing to say better for the YINJW
    - Mic is better than those coming with KZ.
    Really, for those who want to test a cheap wooden in-ear(with  good BQ and SQ) , at 13.86$ i d say go for this(i buy mine for more, but it worth it)
  7. TurtleRecall
    Does anyone know whether anyone on aliexpress does an equivalent of a small size comply t100 tip? I ordered what they call t200, with a 5mm bore and 11 mm (I think) outer diameter and they work fine for headphones that take the t400 but there only seem to be medium t100 (to fit 3mm headphones) and they're a bit big for my ear holes...
  8. uncola
    my ckr9ltd arried.  I never had the original, but I have the havi b3 pro1 and these are at least as good as those but with much stronger bass.  It might be slightly too much bass for me.  Seems to have a midbass bump or something.  build quality seems very nice and durable
  9. bhazard
    For anyone that wants a good value apt-x Bluetooth gym iem, these Taotronic tt-bh06 sets (they have about 5 different company rebrands of the same set on amazon, aka Matone qy8) have pretty decent sound from Bluetooth set. Think of a similar sound sig to the Zircon, but with a bit less resolution.


    Works great with apt-x on my Moto X Pure.
  10. sodesuka
    Sidy/BGVP DM4
    The shell looks similar to LG Quadbeat 3. Anyone buying? I wasn't impressed with DM2 so I skipped DM3, but it seems they're quite popular in China.
  11. CoiL

    I also bought one (black without mic) but haven`t received yet. Also ceramic "iE800" version also haven`t arrived yet. Will share feedback when I get them.
    Btw, anyone tried HZSOUND HZ3 ?
    Look nice, cable seems good and packaging is very good (transport box). Might be my next-to-try.
  12. Trapok
    if it is the same seller than mine,it would be fast
  13. stilleh
    Can anyone recommend a pair of closed over the ear headphones (I have BIG ears so the pads need to be big to fit them) that is worth it?
    I have Bowers & Wilkins P7 atm but the pads are way too small... :frowning2:
    Not a basshead. Listen to everything from melodic death metal to Pavarotti and House
  14. CoiL

    Yes, bought both YINJW`s from the seller You linked. I`m located in EU (Estonia). Never had any Aliexp product shipped under 4 weeks.
    Hope it will arrive sooner than expected.
  15. Hal Rockwell
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