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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    Maybe maybe not. It's conceivable that the Sony fit you fine even if the Solaris doesn't. Try the Sony if you get the chance.

    I'm working on a Head-Fi review of the Z1R...hoping to have it up tomorrow.
  2. cr3ativ3
    Fine :) just got the Sony’s ex1000 and very surprised of the price ratio :) so even more excited to read what their new model has to offer in compair to Solaris :)
  3. altcmd
    Look beautiful!
  4. SQ13
    you may be surprised with the fit of z1r vs solaris. i had problem with solaris fit but i managed a deep insert with z1r.
  5. dakchi
    I have a problem with z1r fit but not with Solaris. Z1R IEM is bigger than Solaris and much heavier. The cable does not have the flexible part like Solaris that helps a lot to keep the IEM in my ears. The fit is the main reason why I returned Z1R, but not the only one. I found that the sound of Solaris much superior than the one of Z1R in all aspects (except maybe the bass where Z1R goes deeper than Solaris)
  6. tracyca
    OMG I was told Solaris was a little bass lite, WOW the bass is so powerful that I can feel it. I’m scared to ask what is a bass head IEM.
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  7. cr3ativ3
    More bass than Solaris ?
    Fearless acme 8
    EE Legend X
    Campfire Vega
    Campfire Atlas
    Hyla ce5
  8. Lookout57
    Try the Atlas it will make your head vibrate on some tracks :gs1000smile:
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  9. broopa
    At about 198 hours of burn in and these things now sound much more cohesive to me with a little bit more mellowed bass. Has anyone used the old Litz cables with these, will I notice a large difference in sound between the two? I can't stand the memory of the stock cable and won't have a chance to strip the plastic off of it for a little bit.
  10. KEV G
    Empire Ears Nemesis will rattle your brains and makes the Legend X/Atlas seem bass light in comparison :stuck_out_tongue:
  11. cr3ativ3
    It has the same bass Drivers as legend or not ?
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  12. KEV G
    I’m not sure how it’s configured but this much I do know, it kicks like a mule lol
    @Layman1 will be able to explain better than myself as he auditioned the EE line up extensively at Canjam and settled on the Nemesis as his preferred bass cannon.
    The Solaris has the same driver as the Atlas........
  13. cr3ativ3
    thats true, but EE use "subwoofers" i dont know if u can tune them different .. cant say , i "only" have the legend , not the nemesis
  14. KEV G
    @Layman1 spent nearly the whole weekend checking these out and I’m sure he can explain way more in depth than myself about the Nemesis......it’s a beast lol
    Personally I preferred the Vantage as it’s tuned towards a 1960s guitar tube amp and more my preferred signature and not a million miles away from the Solaris.
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  15. 40lb
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