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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    I think it will look better than you think. It should look darker in normal lighting plus when you wear it people will only notice the blue face plate. Swapping them though should look the best...assuming that the blue plate and the blue body are close in hue.
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  2. CYoung234
    For me it is sort of apples and oranges. The original ZS10 is still one of my favorite iems, even after buying the CCA C16 and ZS10 PRO. THe ZS10 has a bit looser bass, but for me, a lot of bass. Good balance for me with the ZS10. The ZS10 PRO is tighter, and instruments have a bit more oomph. The original ZS10 has better sound stage for me and is a bit airier. I keep going back and forth on these, and whichever one is in my ears becomes the favorite...

    Unfortunately, for me, the C16 is starting to move into 3rd place, even though it costs as much as the other two combined. It is, for me, a bit too analytical, and is not engaging like the other two are.
  3. mbwilson111
    ...that should be in my signature.
  4. Nimweth
    I didn't get on with the original ZS10, but I feel the same about the ZS7 versus the C16 as you do with the ZS10 Pro. The ZS7 is so entertaining!
  5. 40lb
    Part 1: ZS10 Pro vs Hifiman RE600 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-3082#post-15090205
    Part 2: ZS10 Pro vs IE800s https://www.head-fi.org/threads/knowledge-zenith-kz-impressions-thread.698148/page-3084#post-15092162
    Part 3: ZS10 Pro vs Andromeda https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-3084#post-15094616

    Part 4: ZS10 Pro vs Solaris 20190802_001653.jpg
    The sub-bass on the Solaris is deeper and with a slower decay compared to the ZS10 Pro, in a way you may think it is dragging on putting them side by side. ZS10 Pro seems to have a similar impact from the mid-bass with Solaris but the Solaris’s bass feels more balanced and controlled while the ZS10 Pro has a faster hitting bass with less body. The Solaris has more of a forward sound in the mids with a natural tone and fantastic body with better detail. The ZS10 Pro in comparison is more neutral sounding in the mids making the mids sounds a little pulled back when putting side by side. Listening to the ZS10 Pro’s treble is crisp, defined, smooth and exhibits a good extension however stacking it against the Solaris you feel a lack of airiness and control. The Solaris’s treble has a better extension, more airiness, more control, and is definitely the brighter of the two. The Solaris was a very wide soundstage and compared to the ZS10 Pro the soundstage is noticeably narrower, but that doesn’t mean the ZS10 Pro is lacking in soundstage. The Solaris can give good separation but I feel the ZS10 Pro is actually not that far off from the Solaris in this aspect when playing certain tracks, the same songs that had me feel congested with the ZS10 Pro I felt a little with the Solaris.

    Shanling M5s (2.5mm balanced only)

    Kiss of Death – Mika Nakashima
    Rightfully – Mili
    Compared to What – Roberta Flack
    Fairy Fountain – Mikel and Gamechops
    Earfquake – Tyler, The Creator
    Hard Times - Paramore
    Old Town Road – Lil Nas X
    Brandy – Looking Glass
    Come A Little Bit Closer – Jay & the Americans
    Imagine – Ariana Grande
    Come Away with Me – Norah Jones
    May I Have This Dance (Remix) – Francis and the Lights
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  6. steviewonderbread
    Blue-plate ZS10P just showed up on Prime for me in the US.
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  7. lgcubana


    Figures, I just received my Amazon order this morning and I really wanted the Royal Blue plate. But this order was intended to be a stop gap, for my impatience for my overseas orders; which are a month out.
  8. SkippyMcHaggis
    question that might have been answered already, but there's a lot of thread to search:

    I have a pair of ZS10 Pros that seem to have some issue with muffled bass. I don't see any blockages in any of the vents. Is there anywhere else I should look? I have two other pairs that work just fine and have tons of bass.

    if it's not something I can fix, is it worth it trying to deal with KZ? Thanks for any info.

    and if anyone wants my $0.02, these are awesome value for money. Like almost everyone on head-fi, I have a number of much more expensive IEMS, and these have got to be about 99% as good as my favorites. they are great straight from an iphone, a shanling m0, an opus 1, amped through an RSA Predator, or out of a Schitt stack on my PC. it gets harder and harder to justify $XXX+ gear the more chi-fi that i get a chance to hear.
  9. lgcubana
    I just unboxed mine this morning and for the life of me, I couldn't find any indication as to what's L or R. Is it possible you reversed your earpieces, which would put you out of phase ?
  10. SkippyMcHaggis
    the cable has an R and an L (really hard to see on the clear plastic), and then there's really only one way to connect things that would actually fit in your ears the right way, so i don't think that's the issue, sadly.

    the pair i have that aren't working right actually don't sound terrible, they are just missing the deep bass that I know these IEMs can put out. the trebles are pretty clear, which is why I think it's something with the bass drivers, but I can't find any blocked ports or anything, so I don't know what else to try.
  11. Makahl
    Do you remember this pair sounding fine at some point? Is it happening on one side or the 2 sides are showing this issue?

    I'd test another cable (might one of the good pairs) just to make sure you didn't get a lemon cable wired inverted. Another guess would be the crossover PCB missing some solder point. I think there was a case in the past that the PCB was not properly soldered. Or a QC issue when DD hasn't been sealed 100% leaking at some point and losing the bass.

    Personally, I'd ask for a refund depending on the place you've got it.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  12. RvTrav
    Sorry to go off topic but are any other Canadians having trouble receiving parcels shipped by SunYou Economic Air Mail. I have 4 overdue packages that show that they turned over to the Last Mile Carrier (Canada Post?) a long time ago. One package is from the 15th of April. I have extended the protection a couple of times but think I will have to open some disputes.
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  13. Slater
    It’s always nice to have channel identifiers on the IEM shells. When they don’t, here’s a handy guide showing the correct orientation of the shells and cable:

    1. Hold up the IEM so that the ‘pointy’ part of the shell is facing down.
    2. Now look at what direction the nozzle/eartip is pointing towards.
    3. If the nozzle/eartip is pointing to the LEFT, then that’s the LEFT IEM shell.
    4. If the nozzle/eartip is pointing to the RIGHT, then that’s the RIGHT IEM shell.

  14. courierdriver
    I've never dealt with SunYou Economic Airmail before. Whenever I buy from Aliexpress I always select Aliexpress Standard Shipping. It's usually free from most sellers, and the rare time it isn't, the cost is like an extra $2.50 Cdn. Also comes with tracking and I've never waited more than 2.5 weeks total. If you haven't done so already, I would register a dispute with Ali. And in the future, try to use Aliexpress Standard Shipping. It's 15-30 days, with tracking and most sellers offer it free. I've never had a problem using this shipping method and I've never had to pay any extra duties or taxes. It just shows up in my mailbox.
  15. courierdriver
    As always, Slater...you are a wealth of useful information. Thanks! This will come in handy when I get my new Nicehck cables that I might want to try on the ZS10 PRO. Seriously though, would it kill KZ to somehow mark the iems themselves? Even a red crayon on the right earpiece would be something, at least!
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