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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. altcmd
    Might be interested in the Andro if you are in EU.
  2. altcmd
    Some people on the forum are selling theirs due to fit issues. Is that prominent or just a case of small ears?
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  3. cantsleep Contributor
    Sold mine bcs of size.
    Still worth trying.

    One of the most balanced set of iems.
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  4. cr3ativ3
    I would say I have medium size ears and the Solaris fits me great . If u have really small ears .. that could be a problem ..
  5. fokta
    Forgot to report the side quest : Cable pairing...

    1) Verus cable,
    Unique Cable that had 2 jack input, 2.5 TRRS and 3.5 SE (grounding purpose).
    (To whom may concern, Sorry I take the pic, just to show or get the idea of the cable, sorry & Tq)

    Pairing with Solaris and DX221mk2, it helped on darker background.... but there's a effect on long decay, it gones when I unplug the 3.5 jack.

    2) EA Janus Dynamic
    My point, If you guys ever try Hongkong Singer, Zhao Peng, its a full detail mid centric song...
    then u pair Janus Dynamic in the middle... u will get Rumble... detail rumble...

    For me, I prefer EA Janus Basso for Solaris.

    3) Leonidas II Octa
    Overwhelming Micro detail, with still puncy Low.
    Point highlight, is Airy and the space imaging from Solaris was image very good.

    4) Dita Oslo
    my point, The multi adapter is very helpful, from 2.5 TRRS, 3.5 SE, 3.5 TRRS and 4.4 TRRS, almost every Jack coverage in DAP portfolio...
    the cable have the effect of greasy if you hold it...
    Sound wise... I am subjective, and can't comment about this, if u demo this after using EA cable...
    I hope on my next visit, the Oslo Cable still available...
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  6. altcmd
    Thanks for the info!
  7. broopa
    I have medium ears and they fit great after I changed the tips. I had to go from my normal Spinfit 240s to 100s. I miss the extra isolation from the double flange, but I get a perfect seal much easier.
  8. cr3ativ3
    Try spiral dots with Solaris , best combo
  9. 8481
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Sooo, finally my Cleopatra Octa has arrived. All the notes sound tighter and clearer. Now I'm really done buying. :darthsmile:
  10. cr3ativ3
    Haha :D how many times I thought that :D
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  11. theveterans
    Wow! Cleopatra Octa had the same effect as the Andromeda on that regard!
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  12. jmpsmash
    tried it in e-earphones when i was in Tokyo last week. the sound is more delicate, detail and better sound stage than my Andromedas though I think the Andro have a better overall tonality, but I cannot possibly wear it for more than 30mins due to the size. I guess I am glad that's the case for the sake of my bank account. :darthsmile:
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  13. Rockwell75

    Two titans
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  14. uthood
    Dude, you know what you're doing posting the picture without commentary! That's called baiting your audience lol

    Seriously though, I've appreciated your commentary on the Solaris (and feel the same way about them that you do). I'm sure many are looking forward to your comparison.

    Unfortunatley I'm slowly realizing (or slowly admitting) that the Solaris don't fit me really well (I have small, shallow ears) after many months of use even though I'm enamored with the sound signature and enjoy the sound nearly as much as my Utopia.

    Guessing the Sony's will give me the same fit problems given their size...

    May look at the Rai Penta. I dont think they'll sound as good, but an iem that sounds pretty good that I can wear all the time is better than a unicorn sounding iem that is just a little too big to wear frequently.
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  15. cr3ativ3
    Yeah ... waiting for comparison:)
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