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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Wildcatsare1
    Yes, inserted, then slightly tipped to the rear on top.
  2. cr3ativ3
    Please do a compare :) very curious about the Sony too .. but hard to get .
    Would be great both with 4.4 balance out and some metal music :D

    Kind regards
  3. fokta
    Lack of Sparks, IMHO
  4. fokta
    HUH... :triportsad:

    @ExpatinJapan please do check my request of comparing AMP1Mk2 with AMP3 with solaris...

    ExpatinJapan likes this.
  5. Fatsosixsixsix
    Didn't realise JVC released a new spin fit, they're eye wateringly expensive though :cry: paid $50 for 3x L and 3x ML without shipping. They're my prefer tips though :p

    What size pelican case would fit the Solaris best? My leather case is getting kind of scratched up
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  6. cr3ativ3
    fiio hb1 Fits perfect
  7. Fatsosixsixsix
    Nice and cheap, ordered one. Might get some foam to pad it out a bit to further protect against shocks
  8. cr3ativ3
    It’s great I have 3 of them :)
    fokta and Fatsosixsixsix like this.
  9. Fatsosixsixsix
    Bold move not putting solaris in their protective case, I guess the paint proved to be more resilient than the Andromedas which used to have chipping issues?
  10. cr3ativ3
    When the case is closed , they don’t really move around in the Case. The CA bag/case is to big for my taste . I have not a single scratch or mark in my Solaris .. so the case works fine :)
  11. gazzington
    I'm thinking of getting either a lpgt or n8 and was wondering if these iems were a good match for either of them?
  12. Rockwell75
    Got the Z1R this morning and...it's pretty incredible. Will spend some time with before posting in depth impressions/comparisons.
    Kitechaser likes this.
  13. cr3ativ3
    Looking forward to it :)
  14. Kitechaser
    Love this in your sig
    Curious about: Nothing...my wallet is currently in a state of suspended animation

    Haha, isn't that the truth :)
    But that DMP-Z1 looks mighty nice from where I am standing, and the Buchardt S400, F my life :)
  15. Rockwell75
    The SMP-Z1 looks amazing but it's too impractical for me to take seriously...no real temptation there. If the Kann Cube had a 4.5 out I'd probably be more tempted than I am.
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