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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. fokta

    Good Morning... so quite here...

    Well, in that case, I willing to tried custom eartip for Solaris...
    20190806_121517.jpg 20190806_121511.jpg
    The question here.. Will 3D scanning and ear impression will make devaluation in measurement?

    the Hard mold will be done in the next 2 weeks..

    Song for today, LSD - Heaven can wait
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  2. cytoSiN
    Has anyone considered trying the Andromeda Special Edition Gold? Super intriguing to me.
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  3. altcmd
    Curious to learn what, if any, are the sound impression differences between the SE Andromeda Gold and Solaris.
  4. Rockwell75
    Nothing short of a DD will be able to produce the beautiful timbre of Solaris bass on an Andro.
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  5. cytoSiN
    Good point. And yet, you changed your image and now I fear that you've given up on Solaris entirely!
  6. altcmd
    Yeah, I was thinking the same. I liked the review on Solaris and am on the fence now. Although, there is a noticeable price difference between the two.
  7. Rockwell75
    I haven't given up on it lol...it's a tremendous IEM...I just find the Z1R slightly more to my preferences in a few areas. The differences are subtle and the two are actually very much alike.
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  8. fokta
    Happy Weekend guys.


    Song of the Day...
    Full control bass...
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  9. ACheah
    hello, has anyone here tried the ALO pure copper litz or the litz cable? if anyone has please shine a light. would love to know if there are any differences to the super litz. Thanks
  10. cytoSiN
    Nice. Just noticed your sig...DX221?
  11. fokta
    Yes... AMp1Mk2 can delivered decent and detail low bass and rumble, enough for Solaris...

    AMP8, just too Much... and not a warm sig IMHO.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  12. Rockwell75
    I may find myself back in the Solaris club soon enough. After two weeks of only the Z1R I found myself still struggling with fit. Encouraged by a friend on Discord I tried Solaris again and was impressed with how well it fit me and amazed at how much I missed its beautiful balanced signature. The bass and treble extension on the Z1R are wonderful...but the more robust midrange and holographic soundstage of the Solaris may yet win the day for me.
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  13. subguy812
    I hear ya on the balance, midrange and the excellent stage. The Atlas and Solaris are both stellar. Such strong compliments for each other, glad to own both.
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  14. fokta
    i see ur cup of tea is changing... its ok though... I also change mine... Since trying ZMF Verite, I want my solaris to be like that... Warm yet detail...
    I recommend u tried DX221mk2, if u want to try a different mid experience with Solaris...

    Hehehe... I find Solaris is scaleable... or source dependant, DAP, Cable, and now eartip...
    I am in the phase of making custom ear tips for it...
    Quite difficult to get information about the custom ear tip especially for Solaris especially lly the sound Impression. So I took the hit...
    I believe Ken once said, Solaris if fit correctly in ur ear, will make a wonderful flow of rhythm (I made up the last word), to the point/what i mean, Fitting is important...
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  15. cr3ativ3
    It’s very important, for every iem :)
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