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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Kitechaser
    I am not exactly fan of the AK signature, but I am open to giving the SP2000 a listen. The SP1000M sounded nice, but was somewhat sterile, can't put my finger on what it was exactly, it's been a while.
    The DMP-Z1 to my ears, is magic in a box, if they can replicate some of that for the next Walkman DAP, that will be a day 1 purchase.
    The DMP is stupidly expensive, but Sony put their money where their mouth is with the quality of build and Sound.

    Also looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the IER-Z1R.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  2. KEV G
    Joined the Solaris club yesterday :smile_phones:
    Very happy indeed F41F8EEC-C638-460A-BE36-71D8AF2E702A.jpeg
  3. fokta
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  4. KEV G
    Thanks, absolutely loving this iem. Small problem just discovered about an hour ago. The right iem has a rattle, can’t hear it when I’m listening to music but when it’s paused and I move my head it rattles. Almost like the cable is hitting it as I move so I unplugged the cable and gently shook it next to my ear and sure enough there’s something rattling inside. The mmcx seems slightly loose as well, if I move the connector back and forth the actual socket moves and also on the left iem also but not quite as bad. Anyone out there had anything similar happen ? I have the Andromeda green/SS/Vega and Comet and the connectors on them are rock solid !!!
    Thinking I’m going to have to return them for a replacement sadly :triportsad:
  5. fokta
    Wew... sad to heard that,hope u already call the seller, or email directly to CFA, I hope it can solved the problem quickly...
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  6. KEV G
    Thanks, the shop is 50 miles away so I’m thinking I could be taking a little drive out of London tomorrow, cheers
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  7. fokta
    At last... trying Cayin N6ii

    Great pairing with Solaris, Warm signature with Mid foward. Black background and No Hiss even in low, neglectable in High.

    Next DAP in Line, AK Futura
    With this, I stand to be corrected... there's a AK model that the sound sig I preferred... is this SE100... flat but Warm but Flat (complicated, so do I). Black. background, Separation and Soundstage, u will get from AK Futura.
    Low, bass still puncy, Rumble detail.
    Mid, Micro detail and Dynamic...
    High, smooth detail...

    glad that i had tried these with Solaris....
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  8. 8481
    That looks like a new design for the case. :thinking:
  9. KEV G
    The case is like a luxury leather pouch and very high quality. Much softer than the regular Campfire cases. The whole package oozes quality but then again, this is Campfire and that means quality!!!
    Anyways, popped back to HiFi headphones today and @Oscar-HiFi replaced my set after agreeing there was a fault with the right iem. He was just as amazed as I was at this because we all know how good Campfire is at quality control, but these things happen to the best of us at times. Once again hats off to @KB and Oscar at HiFi Headphones for providing a great customer service/experience :beerchug:
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  10. Indeez
    From my point of view new softer case is bad design decision. Case is for protection, and I like previous versions of CA cases for that. Also, form of the new case is not for my taste. It is more suited for women. Old one - for men.
  11. KEV G
    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Yeah whatever
  12. altcmd
    Newbie to the forum! The thread is nearing 400 pages so I thought of getting an “informed” consensus even though it might have been answered. How do these compare to Andromeda?
  13. KEV G
    I’ve only had mine a very short while but to me they are very much like the Andro-SS.
    As for the original Andro, more depth and width with added timbre to across the board.
    Vocals seem more forward and pronounced to my ears and the bass is just so much more real. They haven’t really got more bass, but more visceral and on a whole more emotional.
    As for the case, despite what our Russian male chauvinistic fashion guru describes as it not offering any protection and more suited to women :joy:
    It offers plenty of protection, especially with the small pouch provided for the iems. I’ve had lots of various iem cases over the years and this is up there with the best.
    Sometimes if I need a more rugged case, Pelican is the one I turn to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  14. BananaOoyoo
    I think the Solaris case is nice, but I do see @Indeez ‘s point of view when it comes to the new Andromeda/Polaris/Io case. Those look and feel worse than the originals.
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  15. KEV G
    Agree, for Andro’s or Polaris the old style case were good but for the Solaris with a big cable I find this case ideal and comfortably fits into my jacket pocket without causing any uncomfortable lumps n bumps.
    Horses for courses at the end of the day, this case or the original case, I’m happy with either and there’s plenty of aftermarket cases out there to choose from as an alternative. My Andromeda-SS I keep in a pelican case as the original case just isn’t big enough with the cable I’m using, it’ll fit but it’s a squeeze. Not a problem anymore as I’ll be putting them up for sale now I have the Solaris.
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