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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. keithmarsh
    I just got a Dragonfly Cobalt - and what a great pairing with the Solaris! Absolutely black background and a very balanced sound with no harsh highs and lovely controlled bass. It seems to bring out the very dynamic feel of the Solaris.

    I definitely recommend trying one out if you want something to play nicely with your mobile and the Solaris (especially when you don't want to carry around a DAP or larger DAC).
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  2. Rockwell75
    So after two weeks of experiencing something of a dark night of the soul(aris) I'm officially back in the club. At the end of last month I ordered a Sony IER Z1R, entirely out of curiosity and love of Sony products in general and not due to any inherent dissatisfaction with the Solaris. Upon receiving the Z1R I was deeply impressed with its bass and treble extension and overall sexiness-- to the point that I was prepared to make it my main IEM. Fortunately I didn't rush into anything and I kept my Solaris on hand for the last couple weeks.

    Long story shortened-- yesterday, after two weeks of struggling with the fit and just over a week of listening exclusively to the Z1R, I switched over to the Solaris and I was struck by how much I'd missed its beautiful balanced sound, robust midrange, detail retrieval and holographic soundstage. Another thing that jumped out at me after many days of not hearing the Solaris was how coherent and "whole" its presentation of sound is. The Z1R is a great sounding IEM, but after switching back to Solaris I found myself really noticing the recessed midrange and comparatively confined soundstage. In addition to that I remembered how well Solaris fit me-- I can wear them for hours comfortably whether on the couch or out and about. They are substantially lighter than the Z1R and I can easily forget they're there. For a few hours yesterday I did some a/b'ing between the two with some of my favorite tracks I found that I actually preferred the sound of the Solaris a significant percentage of the time. I think that in a rush to embrace the Z1R initially I glossed over many of the strengths of the Solaris. This method of switching to one IEM exclusively for a period of time and then back to the other to see what I notice is a good way to ascertain the strengths of each in a more definitive way. Ultimately they both have their strengths-- for me it's treble/bass extension and definition on the Z1R & balance, a more robust midrange, resolution and an airy and holographic soundstage on the Solaris-- however I'm finding that lately my preferences tend more towards the balanced presentation of the Solaris to the mild V of the Z1R. Factoring in the fit issues, and what are imho certain superior technicalities, and the balance has tilted decisively in favor of the Solaris for me. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise-- the Solaris is a TOTL IEM on par with the best on the market and if balance and coherence combined with delicious DD bass is your thing, then I'm not sure there's anything better out there right now. Sometimes we need to branch out for a bit to really appreciate the greatness of the things that we have. In a nutshell: Solaris FTW!
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  3. fzman Contributor
    I love mine as well, but generally love the vibe from Campfire stuff in general, enough so I was able to convince my boss to begin carrying the product (This just in the interest of full disclosure). I also liked the Sony iem at shows, and considered getting them, but have not. I'm also really interested in the Rai Penta (based on show audition). I bought the Empyrians and am loving them as well for my desktop rig......

    I've been using the Solaris with the Cayin N6v2 and love the combo. They sounded very good with the Kann Cube as well, and the DTR1 Prelude. Happy Happy
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  4. Rockwell75
    Solaris and N6ii is my favorite combo at the moment. I'm eager to try the Cube but 2.5mm and its size keep it from being a contender as a portable solution for me. I'm hoping Cayin implements the Cube's DAC chips in a future module upgrade.
  5. cytoSiN
    How's hiss/background with this combo?
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  6. Rockwell75
    Zero hiss. It was a big improvement coming from the ZX300.
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  7. cytoSiN
    Thanks. I'm going to try to demo the N6ii soon. 4.4 more study than 2.5 and I still can't find anywhere to repair my QP2R. I'm interested in the DX220 also, but there's nowhere to demo that in NYC akaik.
  8. Rockwell75
    The N6ii has substantially better battery life than the DX220, if that's important to you. I typically get 12+ hours out of a charge on high gain playing flacs. It also has a slightly warm more organic tonality which pairs great with Solaris imho.
  9. Rockwell75
    Renewed love affair
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  10. adcustom
    Man, that is one sexy shot.
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  11. broopa
    Man I need to step up my photog game after that picture.
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  12. cr3ativ3

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  13. Rockwell75
    I would love to hear the Plenue L sometime.
  14. cr3ativ3
    i think you would love it :)
    but same here for the N6ii :D if you were located in germany , we could swap for a week :p
  15. fokta
    That's a very good picture...

    Unfortunately, Mine already started to chip off in some of the edge...
    hehehe... it showed how much I used these baby daily... #excuse....

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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