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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. jsmiller58
    I don’t have the statistics to discuss the point, so I won’t argue the other side of that. It is always true that unhappy customers will comment more than happy ones.

    But you, and everyone else, will use whatever criteria you want to in order to make buying decisions. As I have had nothing but good experiences with BGVP I am likely to purchase again in the future, and am happy to recommend them to others.
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  2. jsmiller58
    Yes, BGVP stated publicly that their first production run of the DM7 had a bad mmcx connector on the IEM. They admitted that they blew it and missed this.
  3. OldDude04
    A bit melodramatic, no? At best you can say there have definitely been some people with issues. Compared to the crazy amount of DM6 and DM7 sold, the amount of damaged pairs appears quite low to me. Like @jsmiller58 said, we don't have the actual stats to accurately argue either side, and folks will continue to use whatever criteria they like to inform their buying decisions. But with all the negativity on the last page or two, I wanted to give another point of view. I've loved my DM6 since I got it, problem free and my replacement DM7 has been flawless since I got that, so I would have zero qualms about buying a BGVP product in the future.

    Below is an excerpt from a post of mine earlier in this thread. I believe the message is still pertinent to this discussion:

    "....A person with an issue is always more vocal than those without one. Simply meaning that for every person who came here to discuss their DM7 issue there are many more out there just enjoying their problem free DM7. Like @tichyztech said, when that happens it can make things appear magnified. I'm actually on both sides of the topic because I got my DM7 and did have a channel imbalance but Linsoul was awesome and hooked me up with a replacement. The replacement functions perfect and sounds amazing. So, you're free to be excited about the DM7, you're more likely to receive a fully functional IEM than not in my opinion."
  4. Hans-NL
    Well said :)
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  5. Ghawke
    When I found I had problems with my DM7, Linsoul asked me to check using different cables, then when the problem was still there ask me to return. They agreed to pay return shipping costs and only wanted the left IEM. They also apologies for the problem. So, okay I got a bad one, but Linsoul have been very good in making amends. So for me, at the moment, I am very happy. But I have yet to see what returns from Linsoul, and how long the return takes.
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  6. darkwing
    almost 1 year since I got my DMG, still going strong as my outdoor drivers
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  7. davidcotton
    Doesn't help with the pound falling ever further does it ? :frowning2:
  8. HungryPanda
    Goddam Brexiteers, never gave a damn about us audiophiles
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  9. ufospls2
    IMG_0489.jpeg IMG_0486.jpeg IMG_0487.jpeg

    Hey Guys,

    I received the BGVP DMS as a review sample a few months ago and really enjoyed reviewing them. Their sound signature was v shaped ish and lots of fun to listen to. Curiosity got the better of me, and I really wanted to see what BGVP could do with less budget constraints, as I felt they had potential in terms of tuning IEMs. I ended up purchasing a pair of their top of the line model, the “Art Magic V12.” No review units were available as loaners, so I took the dive. I was on the hunt for a pair of higher end IEMs regardless, so it just sort of worked out.

    They released the “Art Magic V12” a few months ago, and at $1299USD, it sure isn’t cheap, especially coming from a company that most people associate with more budget oriented gear. I was really, really, worried it would be a case of jam a *bunch* of drivers in a shell, hope for the best, and charge a lot for it. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Comfort is great so far, but I will report back about this in my full review.

    Sound: Less V shaped than the DMS, more neutral (at least to my ears) with a completely new level of detail, and soundstage width/depth. The tuning doesn’t sound wonky, or seem to have any hardcore peaks or suckouts at any particular frequency. I do prefer a bit more bass than these provide in the stock tuning. One thing I should note is that the V12’s have two dip switches, to increase the bass, or mid/highs. I haven’t played with these yet, but will report back in my full review.

    One thing I have noticed so far is that they sound much less rough, and raspy than the DMS. It is a smoother sound.

    Compared to some of the items I have owned in the past, these stand up very well to the competition (so far.) Including the Tia Fourte, which costs a *lot* more. Very different sounding earphones, but it shows that the V12’s aren’t a slouch when it comes to technicalities and sonic proficiency.

    Now, I’m not saying these are great value. They aren’t. They still cost $1299USD, which is a lot of money for a pair of earphones, especially with more and more competition coming out of Asia in the lower price segments.

    Any questions, ask away :)
  10. ongbenghui
    Hi folks, what is the popular tip that you folks are using on DM7 ?

    I was using a mix of Final Audio E type, JVC Sprial, Spin-Fit CP145 & CP100.

    They are all good, but they fall off easily. I need to stretch the Final Audio E type to fit. Wondering if you folks are using other Alternatives.

    PS: I am a happy user of DM6 and DM7. However, I didn't use the cable nor the tips that came with it.
  11. antdroid
    I use the Spiral Dots with the DM7 since it is small and makes it fit more comfortably, and it also helps making it a little brighter sounding. I personally wouldnt use it with the DM6 since I find that too harsh on some of the music I listen to.
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  12. ongbenghui
    Do you find that the JVC Spiral Dots make the bass sounds odd ? Just asking.
  13. darkwing
    I'm jealous, have you compared these to the DM6?
  14. ufospls2
    Sadly I haven't heard the DM6 or the DM7. Sorry mate.
  15. Artur27
    Hello Guys. I recently have boutgh DM7, it is my first expirience with BGVP. My friend remove the frequancy response and it disappoint me, becouse it isn't the same, it isn't even close to FR's DM7 in internet like in Crinacle review. Maybe they messed up the filters? Could you give advise? Maybe somebody has had this problem already.

    First FR is from my friend: [​IMG][​IMG]

    Second is from Crinacle: [​IMG][​IMG]

    This is how filters sets in earphones: [​IMG]

    Low is yellow, mid is red, high - mid is brown, highs is white
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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