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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. javre76
    By ear, I have not perceived any sibilance on mine, even with sibilant songs... I have not graphed it though, so maybe I am not prone to hear it? I really love everything about my DM6’s. Sound, Red/Blue color scheme, fit... you name it.
  2. SoundChoice
    Same here, but the company has had intermittent problems with an 8k spike as well as connectors and other issues.
  3. jsmiller58
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  4. Ghawke
    When I first got my DM7 I was very impressed by the sound. I felt it was a risk buying from Linsoul UK knowing the DM7 would be coming from China, but they arrived within 7 days and boy were they great, and then bam. the left side went, I am sure I heard a pop and the bass just dropped out. Sending back was not a great experience. I had to pay for return postage, and had to return for a repair. Linsoul did cover the postage once the DM7 arrived. But I got them through Linsoul UK and after some searching realised that under Amazon UK policy, they should have covered return cost before I sent back, and, although this is a difficult position, once I had notified Linsoul UK of the problem they should have offered a full refund or a replacement, without requesting me to send back the DM7, the reason being Linsoul UK is in UK and I should not have had to send back to China, being that as far as Amazon UK are concerned the DM7 came from a UK company.

    I would like to purchase the Tin P1 but they too come via Linsoul UK and it does appear that Linsoul UK are not fully aware of Amazon policy and as such I am really unsure if I want to take the risk again, given that Linsoul has suggested that it could take a month for a repair/replacement DM7 to arrive, and that does not include how long it will take for the repair/replacement to be delivered. As much as I liked the DM7 with the problems I have had I am thinking of pushing for a refund and up grading my FiiO FH5 to FH7.
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  5. MariusAB
    Also you can try t800 as an alternative if you like armatures. People that has dm6 says it's better and the price is really good (not fh7 level).
  6. Ghawke
    They do look good but I would have to get them through Linsoul UK. Or Ali Express, and I then have the same problem. The stuff coming out of China is great but until their production has very good QC or item can be sourced direct from the UK, then there is always the risk of returning.
  7. redrol
    Why aren't you sending the iems directly back to Amazon?
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  8. Ghawke
    Because the DM7 was not sold directly by Amazon, Linsoul UK use Amazon Market Place, and as such the item would need to be sent back to the seller. Now had the DM7 dropped out within the 30 days Amazon return window I could have just sent them back to Linsoul UK.
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  9. Assimilator702
    In the US we send them back to a company in Texas who then forwards the package to China. I sent my DM6 back and I was relived I didnt have to pay for shipping to China.
    I would still like to hear a functioning pair of DM6 since mine had the 8K peak and had muffled treble. Peaky upper mids that induced pain and all peaky midbass with.no sub bass at all. A horrible mess.
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  10. warriorpoet
    Yikes. That sounds terrible.
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  11. jsmiller58
    What metropolitan area are you in? Maybe someone with a good set will meet up with you and let you have a listen if they are nearby.
  12. darkwing
    i love my dm6 that i got last october, love it to bits, haven't bought another set since
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  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    My DM6 was pre-hype/ 11.11/ Massdrop storm. It graphs gorgeous and sounds gorgeous. I have let a ton of gear go but that set it a forever set.
  14. Aeskualpio
    I got mine roughly 28 days after you reviewed the DM6. They sound great, are super comfortable to wear, and I love em.
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  15. chinmie
    same here. i don't think I'd ever going to sell mine. i combo'ed it with Spiral Dot++, and now it's sweet and spacious.
    i might try some Fostex TM2 to pair it with, because pairing with the TRN BT20/S produce some hiss/floor noise, especially on the more powerful and newer BT20S
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