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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. redrol
    No one has tried both except HBB. Both of those iems are so expensive.
  2. jsmiller58
    In the same price category as the BGVP, there is also the Fearless Y2K-G10 from Penon. I saw somewhere on Head-fi a positive compare of that one to the VX... So it would be great if we could get a compare of the Art Magic, Y2K-G10, and the VX...
  3. ufospls2
  4. Ghawke
    Had my DM7s for just over a month, and the left ear has lost all it's bass. Thought it might be a cable problem but no it the left side. So having to return all the way to China. For a repair, replacement, but a little worried as I did hear a pop before the bass want and may be it just becomes a recurring problem, with a replacement.
  5. capnjack
    My DM6 lost sound in the right iem and I had to send it back for a repair, it took about 3 weeks for them to send a replacement pair. I bought mine through Penon tho. Good luck with your return/replacement.
  6. ufospls2
    Well, to match Fearless's release of EST tech earphones, BGVP has some new earphones coming out.

    "Es12 -- 4 STATIC 8 Dynamic Iron Mix Adjustable Flagship Headset, with recent latest static technology, and matching with the dynamic iron mix and adjustable switch design to reach bass sink, Medium-pitch, high-pitched sweet, and always One sentence is the permeability .

    Vg4 -- 4 Mobile Iron Unit Adjustable Headphones, using 4 Iron unit to connect with the frequency of the band, there is almost no disadvantage, the generous big, the accurate and touching performance of the voice, the best popular king of the headphone festival.

    Dh3 -- Dual-Motion Iron Single-Loop Adjustable Headset, using dual-motion iron to match the animation design, let the dynamic of the mobile circle itself be better, and the convergence configuration of the single body can also reach the three-frequency balance. Just the best of pop songs."

    I think there is also an ES8 coming, so 4 new earphones in total. Don't know when. Just found this whilst researching about the Art Magic V12 (which I have purchased, and will be reporting back on soon!)


    Found some more info. It appears there will now be 12 total models, going forward.

    "Tell me about this week's last Friday headphones for the week before we get to relax....

    It's not much long but it should be relaxing to choose the headphones.

    There are sisters, brothers and sisters. Let's ask that bgvp has a lot of models. The present is now 6 generations.
    Dx3s @ 1,690 baht
    Dmg @ 3.990 baht
    Dms @ 5,490 baht
    Dm6 @ 5,990 baht
    Dm7 @ 12,900 baht
    V12 @ 42,900 baht

    The end of the month. 6 more models.
    Dh3 @ 5,900 baht
    Vg4 @ 8,990 baht
    Est8 @ 29,990 baht
    Est12 @ 48,900 baht
    Tfp @ 2,490 baht
    True Wireless @ 5,990 baht
    All of them are 12 models!!! Brothers said that I should like the most est12. Because the sound raft should be the best."
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
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  7. mmoderni
    Got the Artmagic from Monday, and I can say they are truly awesome. I put them on another league of any other iems I had or have including s8f or Blessing.
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  8. billbishere
    After reading over and over and over people having issue with BGVP it blows my mind people keep going back to the same shitty company. I mean, the 6's have issues, 7's issues are worse... so why in the world would u give them your money? I get that they might sound great but, if they break or it's hit or miss if you even get a working pair then... it doesn't much matter how they sound. I was considering getting them 7's but... I am going to skip it after reading through all the people having issues in this thread.
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  9. capnjack
    Better to look at the Audiosense T800 imho, I wouldn’t go back to BGVP again either.
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  10. billbishere
    yah, I was looking at them. Also the Feerless S8F's and Fiio FH7's.
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  11. capnjack
    The T800 punches well above it’s weight - $300 imho. I don’t have Fearless or Fiio, but @Hawaiibadboy seems to like em a lot in his videos
  12. loungecat
    I have been looking at these for the last two weeks,Just wonder how they compare with DM7's ?

    T800 has a lot of praise in own thread,just not sure what to do :):)
  13. Cevisi
    all three options are better then bgvp iam happy whit my audiosense t800.
  14. capnjack
    Hearing about the qc issues with BGVP, I’d pass on the dm7 if I’m honest. T800 is exceptional for $300 tho.
  15. capnjack
    What was the outcome with your dm6 issue, Was it sorted or not?
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