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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Ghawke
    Linsoul, have got back to me about the balance in the DM7 and have said that it has been fixed. Now I am hoping that they mean not just mine that I sent back but all DM7s because for the price the sound is great, and what came with the DM7 was of high quality. I guess I could have paid more and got the Fiio FH7, and known that QC would have been good. But Linsoul have accepted responsibility, agree to cover my return cost and only wanted me to send the left IEM back. I am unsure what I will get back from them, either a new DM7 or just a replacement left IEM. Either way, I knew it would be a risk but for the price, it was a risk I was willing to take, and if Linsoul do send back a QC DM7, I will be happy.
  2. loungecat
    I already have the Dm7's no QC issues what so ever.
    Just a Headphone Junkie, and the T800 looks sexy ASF
  3. billbishere
    Where did everyone get the T800 from.... It would appear Aliexpress is the only method of getting it... Not sure how I feel about spending 300 on that site, I have only bought cheaper stuff. They are out of stock on Linsoul. Where did everyone get them?
  4. capnjack
    Mine were from Audiosense own store on AliExpress free dhl shipping included, arrived within 5 days of ordering.
    Got stung for taxes tho, U.K. anything over $20 gets 20% surcharge :frowning2:
  5. MariusAB
    T800 perhaps good choice but if you like brighter treble and more microdetalization.. Think fh7 will have more bass and not so bright treble and this fits more with neutral daps as m11 that is light on bass. So wanted t800 but i afraid i will not like combo with not enough powerfull bass and too much treble.
  6. capnjack
    You might be pleasantly surprised by the bass on the t800, those vented BA certainly sound close to a DD.
  7. MariusAB
    Perhaps it is with your sources that i believe has good pronounced low end. Then it becomes good combo in the low end. Armatures had tendency to be brighter and with lighter low end. That's why i believe hybrid as fh7 is better there. But as i haven't heard t800 so can't speak, this is only my thoughts. I like t800 from people opinions but still cant decide which iem to buy for my fiio m11 as i really love when sound has good not lacking low end.
  8. Cevisi
    i send it back two months ago they send back and say no its fine. but it was not i sayed to them that most of there iem have qc issues. they dont believed me. i screenshoted about 50 comments on headfi about bgvp qc issues and send it to them. they say no you dont know how to connect the mmcx and drive it. then i showed them my diplom of electronics and certifications of check electronics for faults. then they sayed ok we will refund. i send them back now after 2 months they say. we dont get the package we wont refund. i dont care anymore about that 180dollars they can have it
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  9. billbishere
    I think I will end up with the FH7 because they are a more established company and I have the protection through Amazon. I really want to try the t800 though. So many choices....which is a good thing.
  10. billbishere

    Wow. That is awful. Yah I am skipping that company for sure!
  11. Hans-NL
    Remember that in general people who have issues tend to post more than the ones without issues.

    I used the DM6 for many months and had no problem at all, now I have the DM7 for a couple of weeks and I'm amazed on its great sound. Good bass with electronic music, and with classic rock and metal it really opens up.

    I'm for sure no expert, but these sound excellent for the types of music I play.

    The only 'negative' is that I got a full clear version instead of the white one. Not going to send them back for that, maybe the replacement will be quirky too. :beyersmile:
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  12. capnjack
    Sorry to hear that :frowning2:
  13. jsmiller58
    I also have the DM6 and DM7. No issues of any sort.
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  14. Cevisi
    but alot of others have. russian roullete i can play somewhere else
  15. billbishere
    Do we know the root cause of the issue with the buds cutting out? Is there a specific faulty part that's is the culprit?
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