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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Cevisi
    Mine is loose too left ones out of the box the statement of bgvp was thats normal and that they dont hear any difference too the right one
  2. OldDude04
    Mine are noticeably different in sound volume. But, I'm not dealing with BGVP on this one, I'm getting an exchange from Linsoul. I hope they get your issue worked out. It sucks to get something new and have issues right away.
  3. Cevisi
    How to hell do they manage that most of the left iems have problems

    This is out of the box

    They say its normal, yes it is normal for bgvp but not for other companys
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  4. ckvp
    So I have a question about Linsoul, are they just a distributor, or do they have all of these brands under them?
  5. Assimilator702
    The DM7 have been available on Amazon for most of May. Ibe had them in my save for later cart for weeks. $299 shipped from Linsoul. It might be China but I just got a replacement cable from Linsoul for a set of KZ ZS10 PRO and it looks like they were shipped from California. Unless once they get to the US some shopping service or possibly even a warehouse that services Linsoul packs them up.Fr the day I emailed them about the cable to o receiving it was 11 days to the East coast USA. So not bad turn around time. But my Dad DM6 sat around for over a week back in Oct until I emailed them and asked why my earphones didn't ship when I paid an extra $25 for expidited shipping. I emailed them early on Is Tuesday morning and had them at my doorstep 2 days later on Thursday afternoon.

    I'm pretty sure that rant was off topic but it was a DM6/ Linsoul story.
  6. JRichardson1228
    I'm really starting to question how BGVPs IEMs manage to pass their QC. People had this same issue with the DM6s.
  7. ufospls2

    Hey Guys,

    I just thought I would post some initial “stream of consciousness” impressions of the BGVP DMS earphones. My full review will come in a couple weeks, and some of the thoughts below may change over that time :)

    More and more, I find I don’t have set in stone preferences in terms of sound signature, as I enjoy a change from time to time. I do know that I enjoy healthy amounts of bass, that’s pretty much true across the board.

    The BGVP DMS arrives in a nice little box, with more accessories than I expected for the MSRP. You get S/M/L of what look like spinfit knock off, S/M/L of…wide bore, something? Type tips, and S/M/L of typical wide bore single flange silicon tips. The cable is nothing fancy but I really like its utilitarian nature. It does the job, and it does the job well.

    The fit, for my ears is a bout 75% great. The left side is SO comfortable. The right side, no as much. It workable, and certainly isn’t causing any pain, it just isn’t as comfortable as the left hand side. I guess I have weird ears.

    The bass is definitely north of neutral, and perhaps a tiny bit bloated sounding depending on what you are listening to. However, it is pleasant, and fills out the low end nicely. I really don’t like lean bass light sound signatures, so this works well for me. I can see these earphones working really well for someone who listens to a lot of electronics but doesn’t want to break the bank to do so.

    The mids are pulled back. This is definitely a slightly V shaped earphone. Though the treble isn’t super tipped up and piercing, so its a tastefully done V shape. The mids aren’t cozy wozy, and warm. If you like acoustic guitar and things like that, you might be better with a different pair of earphones.

    The treble isn’t as elevated as I thought it would be. A typical V shape “Chi-Fi” IEM, at least the ones I have run into in the past have been BASS mids TREBLE!!! Anyhow, not so here. There is a little bit sparkle to the treble, but its not over done and is pretty pleasant. Sibilance hasn’t been a problem so far, but once or twice I have winced a little bit at a really strong cymbal crash. All in all, not too bad :)

    There is one thing I am worried about that I need to do more testing with and that is the open (semi open?) nature of the earphones. Isolation is ok, I’m just worried about sound leak and bothering others around me with my music. My main use for IEMs is for when I need peace and quiet both out and in, so we shall see. I’ll ask those around me later how much they leak.

    All in all, so far, I’m happy with the BGVP DMS. They aren’t blowing me away for the MSRP, but I’m certainly not like “man these are a rip off!”

    If you need an IEM under $200, and enjoy a slight V shape sound signature, you could do a lot worse than these I think.

    I will report back with my full review in a couple weeks, so these thoughts may change, but I though I would get some initial impressions written to share with you guys :)
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  8. behemothkat
    Thanks for heads up! :)
    Didn’t you try with balanced cable?
  9. CoFire
    Just so you know, these tips are also available in size LL which is not reflected in the variety pack and is the size that works best for me.

    Sony EP-EXLL (I like the white)
  10. ufospls2
    I don't have any balanced sources to try it with!
  11. antdroid
    I use DMS with balanced cable, and actually have not tried them with the stock cable. I really like the DMS so far as well. It's a nice fun listen and bass is tight and quick. I was a tad surprised at that given the DMG and DM6 where it was more boomy (at least to me). I think the openness of it the DMS is really what I like the most. It's got good width and the treble extends which gives it a lot of air. The mids are a tad dipped and it's noticeable more so when you switch back and forth between something like the Kanas Pro or Etymotics. But still a good solid effort here by BGVP. I hope to post a full review later this week.

    @ufospls2 also have not seen it in blue yet. I have the black one.
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  12. HungryPanda
    I used the DMS on my commute over the weekend plugged into a Hiby R3 and had a very enjoyable listen
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  13. SoundChoice
    Where can one get the LL? Not on Amazon, Ali or Ebay.
  14. Toom
    Got me some DM6 action. Woah boy! Awesomeness.
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  15. darkwing
    for its price, it is very awesome indeed, makes me appreciate it more when I use it after a few days when taking a break from using IEMs
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