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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. surfgeorge
    Excellent tip! Ordered!
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  2. TechnoidFR
    Hi all
    One more feedback on nicehck m3
    After few comparison, I had the good idea to try with zs6. And they are very similar ! Same metallic treble and bass bump. ( After 130h hours burning )
    The piezoelectric driver sounds very particular, the vibration of this driver is very particular but not very natural for me. I continue to burn n3 for the moment but I stay not very enjoyed on...

    After my last iems this n3 relember me the period of zs6/zsr/v10 with very high peak on treble to have bright and detailed sounds but miss natural tonality
  3. eclein
    Anyone hear TRN V30s??
  4. Slater
    Very interesting!

    It would be cool to see a FR graph side by side of both ZS6 and N3, to see just how similar they are...
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
  5. Animagus
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  6. TechnoidFR
    Unfortunately I don't have the equipment for..

    I bought DT6 too to see the difference.
  7. kadas152
    Just received my IMM-6, have N3 burned-in and could borrow ZS6.
    Probably will need weekend to dial in my setup but will try to do this comparison next week :)
  8. eclein
    I bought DT6 also, I’m curious how the piezoelectric (is that correct name?) sounds and everyone that has similar sound preference as I raves about it.

    Off topic a second - I bid farewell to my last set of vintage JBLs today, I had like 9 pair of old JBLs at one point just searching through craigslist....too heavy to move around now. :sob:

    Plenue R due in tomorrow to ease the pain and play with Jet effects with these very capable iems we are collecting.

    Anybody hear TRN V30s?
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  9. Nimweth
    You will like the DT6. I know you enjoy the C16 and the DT6 is kind of like its little brother, amazing neutrality for such an affordable IEM. It does like power, though, so crank up your amplifier! It also depends on the cable you get, some get a high quality one, mine was poor. I found a good MMCX cable made a huge difference.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
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  10. DocHoliday

    Just a quick thought:

    Couple the Plenue R to your C16 and listen to one of your favorite songs several times with absolutely no EQ enhancements. After about 15 minutes or so go to EQ settings (using the same exact song you've been listening to) and hit "BBE". You can thank me later.

    In other news I posted some brief feedback on the MH755 here:


    Full review to come.
  11. TechnoidFR
    Good to know. I want your opinion comparing to zs6
  12. Animagus
    Hey guys!
    Just posted the Toneking T4 review. Let me know what you guys think and if I can answer any questions for you.

    Cheers! :)
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  13. Nabillion_786
    I absolutely agree with your t4 review, I got mine recently too. It is a very detailed, clean and airy sounding iem with a surprising good soundstage for a mid forward iem. My only problem with the t4's are that it generally sounds a bit too thin to sound engaging for me. I need thicker bodied male vocals that sound clear and not too warm or otherwise the sound becomes slow, soft and lazy. Im finding it really hard to find an iem with that kind of balance but male vocals and soundstage are a huge deal for me. Would you recommend the tsmr more for vocals? And does the tsmr 3 pro have a bigger stage then the regular tsmr 3?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  14. Animagus
    Hey! Thank you! :)

    Well TSMR-3 isn't available anymore so we'll have to talk about 3 Pro unless you have a chance of getting a used 3.

    3 Pro's mids are thicker than T4 for sure, so you should find 3 Pro's vocals sounding thicker. 3 Pro treble sounds a bit brighter than 3. It's not warm at all.

    3 Pro's soundstage is also wider than 3. T4's soundstage might be conditionally wider than 3 Pro. It heavily depends on the 4.5kHz boost of the T4. If instruments containing dominant 4.5kHz (like guitars) are hard panned, they might feel a bit wider in T4. But I don't find 3 Pro's soundstage small at all and am quite happy with it.

    You can PM me if you want to ask me more about this. I can keep a track of your messages better that way. :)
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  15. SoundChoice
    1. Happy with current gear
    2. Curiously check head-fi, just this one time.
    3. Learn all about new release.
    4. New release makes your current gear sound like crap.
    5. Order new release.
    6. Read 759 reviews and impressions about new release being best ever.
    7. New release arrives and becomes current gear.
    8. Try out current gear, learn it’s somehow lacking.
    9. Return to Step 2.
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