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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Cevisi
    I never heard some one says somthing bad about the fit of dm6/dm7 the s8f will sound better but doesent have the fit comfort of the dm6/7 if you want to pay the extra money for s8f getvit if you want get sure it fits well get the dm6/7 like i said i never heard some one had problems whit the fit

    And i would say get the dm7 instead of 6 if its in your budget
  2. rbf1138
    I’d go for the 6 or 7 but my fear is that if they don’t fit I’m stuck with them. Is there a place to purchase them with a decent return policy?
  3. rbf1138
    A few issues: I have no idea how those might fit and I’m sure they can’t be returned (at least not easily). They’re cheap enough though that maybe I could gamble. That brings up my second point, which is, could IEMs that cheap possibly compare in any way to the Audeos, which were regularly between $400-500?
  4. F700
    I don't need another IEM, but the DMS looks so tempting for the price... Nice look, good old school flexible cable and DD with BAs. The only hybrid I had/have are the Sony N3 and Z5 and I like(d) them both...
  5. tomscy2000
    Mmm, no. That FR looks nothing like that of the ER4PT --- look closely and you'll notice that the principal resonance is located at 1.5 kHz, whereas the 2.5-2.7 kHz area is relatively recessed. This earphone will sound nothing like the ER4, and judging by the scale of the vertical SPL axis, it will sound overly warm and almost muddy. Stay away from this earphone.
  6. jon parker
    Interesting - Ive read a few places that the tuning is 'like' or 'sounds 'iike' the Etymotic in the sense it should be fairly flat - Someone has one arriving soon so we will know for sure!
    Should remember that a graph is not how an IEM actually sounds though but it may well indicate the general sound signature?
    Thanks for the heads up :)
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  7. MariusAB
    If you had kanas pro or dm6 it would be nice to have your impressions with some comparison. Anyway will wait for your impression as i don't like to buy blindly. But if this has l good low end and not harsh (hopefully) treble it will be my candidate over dm7. So please share what will be your impressions:beerchug:
  8. rbf1138
    Are any of the BGVP models suitable for smaller ears? If they don't fit me, what is the return policy like?
  9. antdroid
    DMG is small and extremely comfortable for my smaller ears
  10. rbf1138
    The DMG specifically or would the DM6 fit similarly?
  11. HippyChick
    DMG feels a bit smaller to me.
    20190508_181446.jpg 20190508_181426.jpg
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
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  12. antdroid
    DMG is smaller from memory and fit more comfortable to me than the DM6 and DM7 did.
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  13. rbf1138
    The first pair I've ordered as a possible replacement just showed up, Pinnacle P1s. They fit really well with the smallest silicone tips (no-flange). How would you say the size of the Pinnacles compare to other of the better IEMs you've heard, including BGVP DM6/7? I'm also kind of curious about RHA CL2s and if they'd me well...
  14. antdroid
    I haven't tried the P1 but that style usually fits very comfortably. As for CL2, I highly recommend you demo it first before buying or have a good return policy. It requires a decent amount of power firstly and many people may be turned off by the large boosted 4-5K peak (me included).

    Comfort-wisr, I thought they were ok. They are small but small+shallow fit sometimes gives me problems with staying in.
  15. tgx78
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