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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. archy121
    Where did you see that price ?
  2. cr3ativ3
  3. SaveTheMantaRays
    Not quite sure, but from the pictures on Penon, the DMS looks like an open or semi-open IEM, is that true?

    Or are those vents, not functional, and just for looks?
  4. Cevisi
    Yes looks like a open metal plate
  5. chinmie
    the DMS is more of an update of DMG? it looks more interesting than the DM7 for me
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  6. darkwing
    yup, looks like an update to the DMG
  7. MariusAB
    For me a little bit strange, about dms there isnt any info except penon brief description. Bgvp presented dm7 with fireworks and even some reviewers already received it. Dms feels like younger brother that was forgotten don't know why. And dms for me seems much more interesting than dm7 and if it is real upgrade from dmg then with such price it should be even more popular than dm7.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  8. cr3ativ3
    If someone had a listen to them . Let us know :)
  9. silverfishla
    Wouldn’t be too sure it’s like an open back. I have a pair BGVP earbuds that use a similar backplate and it’s reall just a tiny vent covered by a decorative metal plate (like shown). So, could be mostly for looks and not some unique thing.
  10. rbf1138
    I'm looking to replace my Audeo PFE232s and the Fearless S8 and BGVP DM6/7 have piqued my interest. I have two concerns: fit and return policy. My ears are smaller and I've had difficulty with many "regular" IEMs being too large/bulky for my ears. That said, are there any sub-$100 IEMs by Fearless or BVGP on Amazon (with Prime) that would give me a good or exact idea of the fit for the more expensive models? I reeeally don't want to deal with returns to China, lol. Thanks!
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  11. tomscy2000
    2807389E-C667-44A6-9AC9-28F8DF22D0C7.jpeg 619369AD-04E3-472B-B5ED-FDE8A2C04D6A.jpeg A27B4A90-9501-4124-94A8-78E89A3F749A.jpeg 44FCDE8F-9F04-4F56-82D5-CDE491FB2E13.jpeg DB73C78A-5B8D-480C-8104-51453C986112.jpeg 1F34310D-8E5D-4596-903C-6DED180CBA6B.jpeg

    The DMS appears to have improved on the DMG by quite a bit.
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  12. tomscy2000
    Nevermind the extra pair of drivers, the thing that sets the DMS apart from the DMG seems to be the extension of the sound bores to the end of the stem. This will aid in treble extension, which was lacking in the DMG, as well as separation/layering. The round thingy on the outside doesn't seem to be functional though, if these renders are to be believed.
  13. Auxine
    Ive ordered a DMS from Penon, Ill get some impressions out as soon as they come in. Im thinking that may be monday as they are using DHL. :beerchug:
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  14. jon parker
    If you like the sound of the PFE's this one might be worth looking into?
    I haven't heard it but its certainly peaked my interested with its ERPT type tuning
  15. apirat
    These probably wouldn’t be great commuting on a noisy NYC subway right? They look semi-open?
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