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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. sennfan83261
    I know you are trying to be helpful and thanks. That said, I hope you won't take the following wrong way...
    [me looking at my picture] It is pretty clear that my LCD2.1's (~50ohm impedance) are being driven by a solid state THX AAA 789 (balanced) through a balanced reterminated silver cable (see my post). If you saw my signature, you will see a can (HD6XX) that pairs quite nicely with my Darkvoice OTL. I also made a post on reddit a few days ago warning against an OTL like the Darkvoice (6.3V rectifier tube) pairing with planars (funny that) since there's simply not enough current due to the DV's high output impendance (~70ohms or so) to feed current-hungry planars. Also, if the THX AAA 789's 6000 mW @ 32 ohms isn't a beefy solid state (listening at 9-10 o'clock on the lowest gain setting), then I don't know what is. Maybe you are thinking about SimAudio's Moon 430HA with 8000mW @ 32ohms on tap? Beyond those two, I would have to run the LCD2.1's through speaker taps.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
  2. marcan
    Hehe didn't check your signature. So I guess you're set on the amp side :wink:. The rest of my post still stands tho.
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  3. rtm33
    After owning a non-fazor LCD2 for one year decided to sell it. What a good starting price for LCD2 with 3/5 cosmetic condition?
  4. MRC001
    The LCD-2 Fazor with 2016 drivers is the most neutral, having the flattest response from sub-bass into mids, and a smaller/shallower dip around 4k. However, some people (such as those who listen to mostly rock/electronic music) might prefer the different sound of the LCD-2C. In any case, you want drivers from 2016 or later, since they're more robust/durable and they sound better. If you send it in for repair, that's what you'll get.

    Also: Blue Jeans Cable makes a cable for any of the LCD headphones, cheaper than the OEM Audeze cable, and much higher quality, and in any length you want, balanced 4-pin XLR or single ended. But it's not on their site. Just email them and ask.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  5. Lohb
    Personally loved LCD2.1, then 2.2 pre-fazor then 2C ignoring reliability criteria - focusing on immersive musicality, planar bass texture/tightness/extension and liquid mids.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
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  6. marcan
    I have both LCD2rev2 and LCD2C,
    While LCD2C is a Mercedes, the rev2 is a Rolls Royce (talking about the sound not the comfort).
    The LCD2C is faster, more precise and mid centric.
    The rev2 is more lush, sub goes lower, more top end and less fatiguing. It's my goto hp.
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  7. sennfan83261
    Just wanted to share the FR graph for the LCD-2 rev. 1 that I purchased recently from the original owner. Audeze kindly provided the graph:

    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
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  8. marcan
    Great choice.
    The rev2 is for me one of the best Audeze except the LCD4 et the first version of the LCD3.
    I have one rev2 and I couldn't live without it.
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  9. Sound Eq
    Hi everyone, can I ask owners of old lcd2 headphone if the cups swivel left and right as much as the new audeze lcd designs, as to be honest i do not like the swivel on the new lcd headphone models.
  10. sennfan83261
    From a neutral position, my May 2011 LCD-2 rev. 1's swivel about 20-30° backwards and less so forwards. There's only one flathead screw on my foam headband that supposedly adjusts the tension of the vertical ratcheting of the yokes. In another HF LCD-2 thread, there used to be two adjuster screws; the other one being adjusted by an included allen wrench that apparently adjusted the rotation angle of the yokes.
  11. bogginhead
    Hate to ask on a thread outside of the Trading section, but if anyone is interested in trading a pair of LCD2 for a set of mint condition HIFIMAN HE500 (comes with custom honeycomb grills and originals, Lohb suspension strap, wool headband cushion, original silver-plated cable, box, felt bag, etc) please hit me up. Appreciate it!
  12. max079

    I'm looking for a new apm for my LCD 2.2 and wondering if you can give me guidance?
    Budget: 500Euro
    i'm listening relative loud the music so it would be improtant to get the full potential of the HP.
    I listening electronic, blues, chill out music.
    I have several DAC/DAP so only Amp needed. Symmetric input not a must.
    Solid state if possible.

    I guess there are several proposal in the previous pages, but it just takes to much time to find all the recomendations.

  13. Steve Wilcox
    I enjoy my LCD2Fs through a Rupert Neve RNHP.
  14. max079
    Thanks, will take a look
  15. DavidA
    Not sure what your definition of "relative loud" is but if over 100dB then I'd be careful to not listen for extended periods since you are damaging your hearing. For me I like my LCD-2F best from the headphone jack of my UD301 DAC that only puts out 100mW/ch but even at half volume it drives the LCD-2 to 75-80dB which for me is quite loud. On my Ember the LCD-2 gets too loud too quickly and there is very little play on the volume pot so volume adjustments are not easily done. Since you are in Europe I'd look for G-109 or similar
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